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Kamweld Technologies highlights its new, low cost, digital welder, the eKTI-0690, built by Bosite, on

Norwood, MA, December 14, 2011 --( Kamweld Technologies, a leading US provider of welders and other tools for working with different plastics, is highlighting its new low cost, digital welder, the eKTI-06902, built by Bosite.

The eKTI-06902 includes quality features not generally seen at this price range. These include safety features and design features. One safety feature is temperature delaying auto shutdown to avoid overheating plastics and other materials. When the temperature of the gun exceeds 80 degrees C, the shut down engages. Another safety feature is that all wiring is double insulated and a third wire has been added to the motor itself for grounding, reducing the potential for shock.

The design features of the eKTI-06902 make it a quality product. All the plastic parts of the gun are made of a mix of 66% plastic and 40% glass making the material heat resistant to 180 degrees C. The gun’s large impeller blade provides for a large total air volume across the heating element, 285 liters/min. The result is faster welding time. A 2” wide seam can be welded in one pass. The motor on the eKTI-06902 features high temperature bearings and carriers made from heat reducing alloys. This allows heat to be distributed to keep the motor cool. To make long use of the eKTI-06902 as comfortable as possible, the spindles in the gun are machine balanced. The welder includes a high and low volume air switch for use on different job needs. This model also comes equipped with a digital display insuring minimal temperature deviation between user set point and actual welding temperature.

“We’re excited to offer our customers this very affordable, high quality, electronic hot air welding gun,” says Len Alter, Kamweld Product Manager. “Our eKTI-06902 complements our other welders perfectly by using a self-contained blower in the handle instead of shop air thus making it usable in settings where shop air is impractical or non-existent.”

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