Vector Data Systems Selects AiNET for Data Center Colocation and Internet Connectivity

Wireless ISP’s selection highlights AiNET’s key advantages in data center reliability, connectivity options, flexibility and service level commitments.

Beltsville, MD, December 16, 2011 --( AiNET®, a leader in design, construction, operations, and technology solutions for Internet data centers and fiber optic networks supporting critical applications, today announced that its certified SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942 Tier IV facility in Beltsville, MD has been selected by Vector Data Systems for data center colocation, rooftop rights for antennas, and AiNET’s Internet connectivity services.

Using its Washington, DC metropolitan area microwave network to provide broadband Internet connectivity, Vector Data Systems will benefit from the absolute reliability of AiNET’s TIA-942 Tier IV data center and the reliability, performance and quality of AiNET’s Internet access. AiNET operates Internet member-network autonomous system (AS) 6405, one of the Internet’s highest performing networks. AS 6405’s quality and performance stems from AiNET’s regional, redundant DWDM fiber optic network, rich Internet connectivity at major carrier hotels, and careful design and operations for high-performance.

“As a provider of mission-critical services ourselves, we chose AiNET based on the reliability of their data centers, the quality and certainty of their Internet connectivity, and their flexible ‘can-do’ approach to our complicated needs,” said Patrick Shoemaker, President of Vector Data Systems. He added, “We were also impressed that their 100% SLA [Service Level Agreement] covers their data center and the Internet connectivity. We didn’t find that level of coverage anywhere else.”

Reflective of its commitment to data center reliability, AiNET has deployed newly-patented power protection technology in its data centers. This technology provides protection against a class of vulnerabilities in critical power to which all non-protected data centers are exposed. While this technology will be adopted for critical power installations worldwide, currently AiNET operates the only data centers featuring this additional level of protection and reliability.

“We are pleased that Vector [Data Systems] chose AiNET based on the hard facts of design and operations for reliability and performance, and our SLA stance,” said Deepak Jain, President of AiNET, “We understand that our SLA must underpin the agreements they have with their own customers.”

Recognizing that all service elements are interdependent, AiNET’s SLA addresses all AiNET service elements (e.g. data center colocation, recently-announced cloud-based AiNET Trusted Storage as a Service, Internet connectivity, etc.) as a single entity at the 100% level. AiNET is the only data center provider with such a breadth of solution offerings and SLA coverage.

About Vector Data Systems
Vector Data Systems is an Internet and telephone service provider for business and government organizations in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC. Using its privately-owned microwave network, Vector delivers reliable communication services to buildings that lack dependable wired infrastructure. Since 2007, Vector’s customers have enjoyed high speed Internet and feature-rich Voice over IP telephone service that is priced competitively. Vector maintains high customer satisfaction and retention rates due to its quality network and superior customer service. For more information, see

About AiNET
AiNET is a leader in design, construction, operations, and technology solutions for Internet data centers and fiber optic networks supporting critical applications. It owns and operates multiple data centers with offerings ranging from wholesale mission-critical space to colocation with connectivity and full cloud and application support services. AiNET owns and operates one of the few certified, SAS 70 Type II, TIA-942 Tier IV data centers in the world. It also owns and operates Internet-member network AS 6405, whose prefixes have one of the lowest average AS lengths on the Internet. AiNET’s technology solutions include the AiNET Peta10, a high-performance SAN system and newly-patented technology, the AiNET Critical Power Protection Supervisor, which protects data centers and other facilities relying on critical power from a class of vulnerabilities. AiNET’s Federal Cloud services focus on the security needs of Government and public sector clients. Its 100% service level guarantee protects data center and communications customers. Via its own redundant, diverse fiber optic network, AiNET connects its data centers to major carrier hotels in multiple cities to provide significant communications capabilities and diversity. For more information please visit

AiNET is a registered trademark of AiNET Corporation. Peta10 is a trademark of AiNET Corporation.

Darrell Tanno