Aap!Motion: Lenticular Motion Panel Technology

Aap!Motion lens combine the best of motion advertising with out of home placement.

Los Angeles, CA, May 03, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Aap!Global, an alternative advertising technology developer today announced the launch of Aap!Motion, its new lenticular motion panel technology that combines the best of motion advertising with out of home placement.

Aap!Motion is a new communication medium from Aap!Global that creates animated motion pictures through the use of static photo frames WITHOUT the need of complex electronics displays or moving parts. Sequential frames from any film clip can be overlain in a precise fragmented manner that, when seen through a specially designed optic lens, generates motion picture animation to the enjoyment of any viewer.

Aap!Motion aims to combine the advantages and enjoyment of motion picture media with the size and impact of out-of-home placement. Aap!Motion can be installed in a variety of scenarios and will be enjoyed by people in motion whether on foot, escalators, moving sidewalks or even inside subway cars.

Possible examples include placement at airports, malls, convention centers, cinemas, casinos, office hallways, arena/stadiums, subway tunnels, railroad tracks - anywhere with large amounts of moving pedestrian traffic.

Aap!Motion pedestrian motion panels work similarly to Aap!Global's MetroVISTA subway tunnel advertising platform using the psychological phenomenon known as 'persistance of vision.' Aap!Motion works at any speed and is effective in natural or illuminated light, with or without backlighting.

Aap!Motion consists of only two core elements - an optic lens made from strong acrylic plastic, designed to withstand outdoor environments and a printed picture, generated using a patented algorithm to separate, compress, and overlay the frames. Aap!Motion boxes can be made to any size, length or dimension.

Aap!Global provides multiple procurement options from fully finished pedestrian motion panels made to any specifications or merely the lens and printed picture from a customer sourced media clip. The simplicity of the product lends itself to extreme flexibility in placement. Already installed traditional lightboxes or signage can even be retrofitted with an Aap!Motion lens and print material to create a unique animated billboard.

Aap!Global invites individuals, agencies and the community at large to learn more about Aap!Motion @


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