Taking the Grunt Work Out of Job Surfing saves entertainment job seekers hours of time by reducing clicks and page load time. is streamlining jobs on the web by putting multiple web site job boards on one web site and one page.

San Francisco, CA, December 15, 2011 --( From her laptop Deborah Hodgson, an entertainment and non-profit business development consultant is taking the clicks out of finding a paid gig in show biz, one subscriber at a time. "The entrainment, arts, and media industries as a whole is a niche market, but the jobs are spread out all over the web. Relying on one site, such as Craigslist is not enough anymore, folks need to surf several sites to get enough work to live on. It is very time consuming clicking through to the site then its job pages and search pages and each job itself and clicking back again. To find one suitable job on board or site can take an hour or more, so I put all the boards on one web site with pages of streaming multiple jobs with details on pages."

As Deborah explains, "There's an old saying from Vaudeville times 'Any advertising is good advertising.' People and businesses need as much exposure and networking as they can get, which also means contacting other industry folk online and being seen in web searches. GigGigGig free accounts are a community service to help freelancers, talent, and businesses do that." provides free accounts for arts, entertainment and media workers and businesses to post their business profiles and blogs to get web exposure and to send private messages to each other.

Not just a business developer also a web developer Deborah built the web site by herself using the same software used by companies such as Sony Music, MGM, Universal, and the Whitehouse. "This is not the first time I've built an arts job web site. From 1998 to 2006 I had various startups and early Web 2.0 sites, but either the software and servers were buggy or hacked to death or too expensive, or web users' skills weren't up to the software. After several rebuilds I got burnt out and went back to the drawing board for 5 or so years. Now web servers are a lot more secure and software more stable and web users know how to use it." streaming jobs for California is not just the only project on Deborah's work bench. "GigGigGig California job streams are Stage 1, the next stages are jobs streams nationally and internationally, then a digital business center where arts businesses and non-profits can do e-commerce, point of sale, book, ticket, recruit, and manage their projects with just one password."

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Deborah Paulino