Rural America OnShore Outsourcing Wants U.S. to Prepare for Influx of Millions of Online Workers in Rural U.S. as a Result of Broadband Access

CEO Christopher Hytry Derrington points to National Rural America Jobs Creation Plan to provide capital for entrepreneurs as government commits $7.2 billion to broadband expansion.

Two Rivers, WI, December 15, 2011 --( Christopher Hytry Derrington, CEO of rural US outsourcing company Rural America OnShore Outsourcing, Inc. is promoting a jobs creation plan to provide funding to entrepreneurs so that millions of online workers will have jobs in rural America.

The impetus for this plan, says Hytry Derrington, is The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which provides $7.2 billion to fund broadband expansion across the U.S., which will add new users and upgrade existing Internet users. The result will be millions of online workers entering the virtual workforce – particularly in rural America where broadband access has traditionally been lacking.

“This commitment by the U.S. government to fund broadband expansion will put workers in the job market,” Hytry Derrington explains. “We are facing an unprecedented opportunity to invest in new and existing companies and give jobs to millions of rural Americans.”

Hytry Derrington estimates that this increased access to broadband could forge a workforce of 11 million rural Americans – Americans, he says, that “are highly qualified workers in high-growth industries such as technology and e-commerce; have an excellent work ethic; and enjoy a higher quality of life and lower cost of living than their urban counterparts.” Those factors mean companies can hire rural workers for up to 40 percent less than similarly qualified urban workers.

The plan – called the National Rural America Jobs Creation Plan, or NRAJCP – calls for public-private partnerships to fund each state equally through private investment matched by government bonds. Both investors and the bonds are repaid as companies mature and are sold.

“The public-private partnership is critical because it reduces the investors’ risks by 50 percent, while providing the necessary cash needed to start new companies and expand existing ones,” says Hytry Derrington. “Entrepreneurs will go where the cash is, and this means that money flowing to Tier 2 and smaller communities and cities will be a magnet for new jobs.”

The NRAJCP is unprecedented in that it targets rural communities in every state, but it is modeled after a similar, highly successful program in Ohio called the Third Frontier Program. Designed in 2002, Ohio has seen increased job growth and tax revenue from its efforts, earning $10 for every $1 invested. The program was recently extended to 2015.

Hytry Derrington, who helped design the rural component in Ohio’s Third Frontier program in 2005, believes that rural workers are one of the country’s best-kept secrets to a successful business strategy, both practically and in earning public trust.

“Rural Americans are ideal for companies currently using overseas outsourcing as a business strategy to save money. They work for comparable wages with no language or time-zone barriers, and there are fewer quality-control issues.

Additionally, a recent study by Princeton Survey Research Associates International showed that 85 percent of Americans hold a negative opinion of companies who move jobs overseas to take advantage of lower wages,” says Hytry Derrington.

“Rural America has had to reinvent itself to preserve the rural lifestyle, and lack of access to broadband has been one of the last remaining roadblocks to unlocking the talent of the American rural worker,” Hytry Derrington says. “The entire country can benefit from the impact if we take advantage of this opportunity.”

More information about the NRAJCP can be found at or by contacting Hytry Derrington at 920-482-4353.

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