Franchise Growth Systems and Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt Announce Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Growth Systems and Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt present a truly exciting opportunity to run a quality (and very popular) “froyo” business, and have fun in the process of becoming financially independent.

Mesa, AZ, December 15, 2011 --( A stellar opportunity to invest in an easy-to-manage, easy-to-finance franchise which has awesome potential for growth and long-term profitability, Zoyo is leading the way in its industry as an economical business model and healthy frozen yogurt alternative.

Zoyo has a huge variety of tasty and innovative frozen yogurt flavors, and also purveys among the healthiest of yogurt products, which feature, among other things: help overcoming lactose intolerance and aid in digestion of milk protein, help in prevention and combating of digestive tract infections – with four key live and active cultures, including: S. thermophilus, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus.

They were recently declared "Best Frozen Yogurt" by Phoenix Magazine in their Best of the Valley issue (Nov. 2011), and are also proud to be community-involved, with neighborhood fundraising efforts that give significant donations to local school and other organizational causes.

FroYo Industry Statistics

The compound annual growth rate of the yogurt portion of the ice cream and frozen dessert market grew by a steady 2.5% from 2001-2006, to achieve a value of $4.81 billion in 2006, and is slated to continue growing at that rate for the next five years (2011-2016). And although it’s in a highly competitive market, Zoyo is hot out of the gate, and is set for rapid growth, with its attractive and easy-to-manage business model.

Inviting Atmosphere

Zoyo also focused on creating an interior design that’s warm, inviting, hip, bright, and contemporary. With roll-up glass doors that open onto a patio area, and a more minimalist approach to interior décor, they’ve made their space less busy, which means more room for patrons to relax and enjoy themselves.

Great Investment Opportunity

Zoyo maintains across-the-board cost cutting with an initial total unit investment of around $250,000, median price, as opposed to the norm, which can be nearly twice as much. The single-unit franchise fee is an ultra-low $35,000, which is also significantly less than normal.

This makes Zoyo not only a fantastic choice for healthy, alternative frozen dessert offerings, but also a standout franchise investment as well.

About Franchise Growth Systems (FGS):

Franchise Growth Systems has earned the respect of its clients and the franchise community by being the most comprehensive franchise management, start-up, and expansion firm in the United States. They serve both start-up and established franchisors and other licensing companies.

FGS employs a team of professionals who have diversified strengths, enabling them to consult with their clients on franchise expansion, marketing strategies and royalty and other revenue generation tactics. Over the past decade, FGS has developed several of the fastest growing and well respected franchises in the country, including Massage Envy, which partnered with FGS in 2003, and now has 700 locations in virtually every state.

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