Celebrate the Holidays and Attend a Free Government Contracting Webinar

Two free educational webinars will review "Finding Federal Opportunities" and "Federal Contracting Myths."

Frisco, TX, December 15, 2011 --(PR.com)-- FedGenius, a federal marketing product and service firm will host two webinars “Finding Federal Opportunities” and “Federal Contracting Myths” on Dec. 15 and Dec 16. The webinars are a highlight of FedGenius’ “12 Days of Holiday Savings” campaign. The webinars will discuss how to find federal work outside of FBO.gov. and provide solutions to three federal contracting myths. The “Finding Federal Opportunities” webinar will begin at 2pm CST on Dec 15. Interested attendees can register at http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB50DD85814D. For the “Federal Contracting Myths” webinar held on Dec 16. attendees can register at http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB50DD87854D

Participants who attend the first webinar “Finding Federal Opportunities” on Dec. 15 will not only learn how to accurately search for federal opportunities on FBO.gov but discover alternate methods. Attendees can look forward to learning how to: effectively use FBO to their advantage, develop an in-house weekly bid report tracking system and become familiar with agency procurement forecast.

“FedGenius webinars offer free comprehensive reviews of accessing federal opportunities,” regional sales manager, Matthew Kennedy said. “Finding federal opportunities can be a challenge, however, the key is finding opportunities in advance. Participants can learn these tips and how to bid more often and more efficiently by simply attending the Finding Federal Opportunities webinar.”

Dustin McGrath, President of FedGenius will be the key note speaker. McGrath will interact with webinar attendees navigating through a slide show presentation.

“We are celebrating the holiday season with our “12 Days of Savings” campaign, President of FedGenius, Dustin McGrath said. “Each day we give away something whether it is a product or information, there is value in it all. FedGenius strives to make selling to the federal market easy through our products and services.”

Day two of the webinars “Federal Contracting Myths” will be held on Dec. 16. McGrath will provide a fun overview of the falsehoods general contractors and architecture professionals may associate with when working with the federal government.

The first myth of discussion will be “federal contracting paperwork is too difficult.” McGrath will review the steps and provide a formulated checklist. Next, McGrath will prove that jobs are not always awarded to the lowest bidder and pricing value is equal to technical proposal value. Lastly, webinar attendees will learn how to market themselves to the government supporting the popular myth that the government has its favorite contractors.

Stay tuned for more days of savings throughout the month of December.

For more information on the free holiday webinars or FedGenisus products contact Kayla Wagner, FedGenius Public Relations Specialist, at (214) 436-4051x 112 or email kayla.wagner@fedgenius.com.

Kayla Wagner