Yoga Darshanam Introduces an Innovation in Yoga Practice and Guided Meditation

Yoga Darshanam introduces an innovation in guided meditation while staying true to its Yogic philosophy to counseling and coaching. Specializing in Stress-management, Depression, Social-anxiety, Addiction, Balance, Weight-management, and now host to the Accredited Teachers Training program.

Beverly Hills, CA, December 20, 2011 --( Yoga Darshanam recently launched daily Meditation Classes lead live, from Mysore, by Master Santosh Kumar, yogi and founder of Yoga Darshanam. The guided meditation focuses on chakra healing to address several mental and physical limitations. This innovation in meditation practice brings the voice and the energy of Master Santosh Kumar live to his students in Los Angeles, and all over the world.

With hundreds of yoga studios and disciplines, it is easy to get lost in the several available practices, and never find the "right" one for you. The Yoga Darshanam method seems to have taken the guess work out of finding the "right yoga." Each seeker (student) is seen individually and a unique personalized practice is created to deal with each individual mental and physical needs and goals.

Yoga Darshanam was founded in 1989 by Master Santosh Kumar in Mysore, India. It since has helped hundred of students from all over the world achieve higher mental and physical health goals. Yoga Darshanam is also host to the accredited Teacher Training program.

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