The Chief Flight Instructor of the New Horizon Aviation to Head the Rhode Island Chapter of IMC Club - "I Feel Like I Have the Opportunity to Have an Impact on Aviation"

Norwood, MA, December 15, 2011 --( The IMC Clubs appointed Victoria Kuo, the Chief Flight Instructor of the New Horizon Aviation, Inc., one of the leading flight schools in New England, to be the Rhode Island Chapter President.

As a highly qualified volunteer Ms. Kuo was chosen to provide her expertise in flight education to the Club. Rhode Island Chapter meetings will take place every third Thursday at 6:30 PM, starting in January 2012, and will be held at the Horizon Aviation offices, at T.F. Green Airport in Providence, RI.

Vicky, a mother of four, is a former researcher at Rhode Island Hospital. After receiving a gift certificate to fly she began flying about 30 hours a month. Soon, she was not only an excellent pilot; she had found her life's passion.

"It was just the incredible feeling of taking off; it's hard to describe in words." – said Vicky

From the start, she wanted to share this experience with others. She knew that teaching was something she enjoyed. "I feel like I have the opportunity to have an impact on aviation" – she said. Vicky wants to teach more than just the mechanics of flying. She wants to introduce students to the greater world of General Aviation. Many of her students are CFI candidates.

Even as she teaches she is working to develop her own expertise and push herself to achieve more. She wants to be part of the development of a strong General Aviation community.

“Vicky was one of my CFI students. There is no better success and achievement for any teacher than watching his student accomplishing much higher skill levels then he could ever imagine. It is a pleasure to see Vicky to be able to provide such a high quality of aviation education. I would like to thank her for allowing us here at the Club to use her expertise” - said Radek Wyrzykowski the President of IMC Club International.

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