Immigration Lawyer Jonathan A. Bartell Likes New Immigration Policy

Immigration lawyer Jonathan Bartell agrees with a new policy that will focus on pursuing cases involving non-citizens with extreme criminal histories to unclog Immigration Court.

Cleveland, OH, December 17, 2011 --( Immigration lawyer Jonathan A Bartell looks forward to a new policy implemented that is designed to focus on cases of non-citizens with criminal records.

He said this will unburden Immigration Courts' dockets. The finance visa lawyer said the policy is intended to lower the number of deportation cases for non-citizens who do not pose a national security or public safety threat.

"Convicted criminals and those who might pose a threat will be sent back to their countries first," said the green card lawyer. "This is long overdue."

The H1B visa attorney agrees with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and the Obama Administration to implement the policy to even allow leniency in some cases that can be halted or thrown out of court if the non-citizens have no criminal history.

"It is a very smart policy decision as the immigration court is really overburdened now, and should be concentrating on those cases where the alien is a criminal or a threat to national security," Bartell said. "The best way to handle the case load is to concentrate on the worst of the bunch and then get back to those not causing harm at a later date."

With efforts to repair what is called a broken immigration system in the U.S., the policy will permit discretion in cases involving non-citizens who have lived in the country for years, and had children born here; undocumented students brought to the country as children; and discretion for those based on how long they lived in the U.S., if that person’s spouse or children are citizens, and if the person has a criminal past.

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