Plastic Manufacturer Excellent Poly Bags Highlights Recently Revamped Newspaper Plastic Bags Selection

Custom printed poly bags manufacturer Excellent Poly Bags recently revealed a line of newspaper bags intended to cut costs on newspaper advertising while increasing efficiency in delivery method.

Brooklyn, NY, December 16, 2011 --( Excellent Poly Bags — a Brooklyn-based plastic manufacturer that specializes in printed polyethylene bag production — recently revealed a line of newspaper bags for efficient and affordable newspaper delivery, available at

“At Excellent Poly Bags, we specialize in printed poly bag production for almost any purpose. With our newspaper plastic bags, publishers can save money by ‘bagvertising’ as we like to call it, while also knowing they can safely transport their papers with our durable product,” said Isaac Stern, Vice President of Excellent Poly Bags.

With three plastic bags to choose from to fit the newspaper delivery business—header, door knob, and wicketed bags—Excellent Poly Bags gives customers a line of options to choose from to fit their company’s needs.

The header plastic bags are meant to be hung on display, and come with a 1” to 2” header with a seal beneath it to separate the bag from the hanging area, with the front area of the bag used to print the company’s ad. For a more durable option, Excellent Poly Bags also offers reinforced header bags, which carry an extra layer of film to strengthen the hanging area and prevent the bag from sagging when used for heavier items.

Another newspaper bag option is the door knob bag. These durable plastic bags come with a round cut out on the top to hang on door knobs, with a wide open space on the front to print a company ad on. Likewise, the wicketed bags have a space for printing ads on, with a semi- or fully-automatic packaging option based on the client's choice of wicket. All of Excellent Poly Bags’ plastic bags are available in any color, size and thickness and come with the company’s guarantee of great quality, service, and complete customer satisfaction.

For more information on Excellent Poly Bags’ line of newspaper plastic bags visit or call 718-768-6555.

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