Lordsflag Crew Essentials Soy Spacasso "Pelliccio's Fire" Parfum

Introducing "Pelliccio's(pell ee chee ohs) Fire"

Westchester, NY, May 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The soy based parfum created by Lordsflag Crew's Spacasso-will make its premier on June 14, 2007 at the Westchester Spa launch gala thrown by Laura Anne Pelliccio (Wizard of Spa) in Westchester, New York.

With knowing how the beauty and fashion industry flows from either the east or west coast into the Midwest, Spacasso stepped out of the trend following mentality of Des Moines, Iowa where Lordsflag Crew is located, and joined the millions online where she met the Wizard.

Inspired by the Wizard's positive and outgoing personality, Spacasso knew the soy skincare and candle company had to indeed capture Ms. Pelliccio's intriguing, exciting and sensuous essence.

Thus was the creation of this soft, sexy and hot parfum that has come to set the world on fire.

The gala will bring the world of Spa, Fitness, Skincare, Makeup, Hair & Nail Salons, Hotels & Residential Communities, Physicians, Dentists, Holistic, Healing & Rehabilitation Practitioners, Business Owners and Spa Therapists, Vendors, Magazines, Fashion, Music and Latest Trends into one place with Broadcasting, PR and News Television.

The evening will be set for "spa-tail" hour where all can enjoy soothing spa music, drink spa-tini's, get a relaxing chair massages, indulge in makeovers, consume healthy food.

The engaging atmosphere promises the meeting of new and exciting people from all over the U.S., learning about new and innovative products and services for the mind, body and soul and partaking in the buzz about "Pelliccio's Fire" parfum by the hot Iowa company Lordsflag Crew who introduced its new, Soy Spacasso line of "Sophisticated Spa Soy Skincare Products and Candles" earlier this year.

The Lordsflag Crew's emerging customer and business clientele base reflects how they are very much on the cutting edge of the growing popularity of soybean technology. Their line of unique and quality products ensures them to continue to stand out from any other.

And standing out they are, as even before the premier of "Pelliccio's Fire" customers have requested and purchased the 1 dram bottle of soy parfum.

These pre-premier bottles are personally numbered by Spacasso and are considered an exclusive.

Today, America grows around three billion bushels of soybeans and accounts for more than one-third of the world's soybean crop. It represents a $16 billion dollar crop that strengthens our country’s balance of trade while providing a domino effect of job growth and prosperity.

The Lordsflag Crew Company takes pride in the fact that Iowa is ranked as the 4th largest producer of the soybean and is the #1 producer of soy candles. They are committed to sharing knowledge about the benefits of the soybean on the body through their various online articles; their website: www.lordsflagcrewessentials.com; pamphlets and many other advertising and promotional avenues.

From the U.S. to China people have realized that the age has come when pampering yourself is the way to go. And the soybean is definitely on the forefront to provide a healthy and non-chemical way to indulge your body with what it deserves.

Soy is an incredible source of important nutrients providing the necessary ingredients to build protein in the body and is also rich in isoflavones which have estrogen-like properties which diminishes dryness, smoothes texture, improves radiance and firming. The soy's role in skin is to stimulate, stabilize and influence production of collagen and elasticity.

Since weather issues are always a concern, it is great to know that soy is also a great barrier protector against those harsh elements. Soy lipids help to regenerate damaged tissue and promote quick regeneration of the skin cells. Soy also contains nutrients such as lecithin that are beneficial in repairing the skin, renew collagen production making skin soft and flexible.

It is no wonder – touché -why New York’s Wizard of Spa has also in return captured and placed Iowa’s Soy Spacasso at the very pinnacle of ultimate soy products to indulge in.

From coast to coast and around the world, all will be able to bask in “Pelliccio's Fire”, The soy-based fragrance that’s so soft, sexy and hot - It’s a pleasure getting burned!

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