Americans Are Seeking Alternatives to High Healthcare Costs

Consumers are turning to preventative measures to curtail healthcare costs and improve their overall wellness. Science suggests that a strong immune system may be the best preventative measure. A Florida-based company, PURx Health, is using science and centuries-old wisdom to develop a one-of-a-kind immunity booster.

Jacksonville, FL, December 17, 2011 --( Americans are using more alternative and preventive medicine as costs for traditional healthcare swells. 38 percent of American adults use alternative and complementary medicine, according to the National Institutes of Health. An increasing reliance on alternative and preventative medicine is not surprising when healthcare costs rise 8 percent each year, nearly three times the rate of inflation.

What may surprise some, though, is how effective alternative and preventative medicine can be. Elderberry, used medicinally in Europe for hundreds of years, received some long-overdue respect when researchers in Norway confirmed that it effectively relieves flu symptoms.¹ Even ardent fans of Dr. Oz may have a hard time pronouncing this funny-sounding herb after he featured it on one of his episodes, but Umckaloabo is gaining recognition as an immunity booster since The Journal of Family Practice cited four encouraging studies before saying that Umckaloabo "represents a promising treatment" for viral upper respiratory infections.² And while licorice may go down better than a spoonful of sugar, several studies show that it may be a promising treatment for ulcers as well.

While alternative treatments and herbs have shown promise when used in conjunction with traditional medicine for existing illnesses, the real promise in curtailing healthcare costs lies in prevention. According to the Prevention Institute, even a 5 percent reduction in preventable illnesses and injuries could mean substantial healthcare savings.

While genetics and lifestyle have long been the primary focus of preventative measures, recent science points to the immune system as a powerful predictor of illness. According to the Integrative Medicine Department at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, the immune system is the deciding factor between who gets sick and who doesn't.

Companies like PURx Health are responding to consumers' search for immunity boosters. Formed in 2008, PURx Health invested in several years of scientific research to develop its new products, PURx Immune and PURx ReBound.

PURx Health has taken a unique approach to all-natural wellness products.

Rather than packaging several supplements and herbs individually, PURx Health honors the synergetic nature of herbs and vitamins by combining them into powerful immune system boosters. Relying on scientific research, PURx Health combines centuries-old wisdom with vitamins that have been proven to enhance immune system function.

A natural extension of taking care of one's own body is taking care of the earth. PURx Health helps its consumers do both by operating its plants in the most energy-efficient way possible.

With consumers taking on a larger portion of healthcare costs, they want to feel confident in the products they use. PURx Health puts consumers' minds at ease with their high standards in all areas of manufacturing and their unconditional, money-back guarantee.

Everyone knows the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." What's more mysterious, given traditional healthcare's tendency to ignore preventative measures altogether, is how it became "traditional" in the first place. Preventative medicine is getting us back to our roots, and not just licorice and ginger roots.

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