SwelledHead.Com Blog Unveils Its 10 Golden Rules for U.K. Firms to Succeed in the U.S.

Austin Lawrence Group’s Transatlantic Marketing Blog Provides Punditry, Parables and Practice Notes for Senior Marketers Whose Brands “Cross the Pond.”

Stamford, CT, May 04, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The first market a U.K company management thinks about for expansion is likely to be the U.S., with its voracious appetite for imports, appreciation for British culture and the seeming lack of a language barrier. But the U.S. is further away than many might think, in terms of culture, market segmentation and language. Today, SwelledHead.com published its “Ten Golden Rules for UK Business Success in the US,” as an approachable list of must-do / must-appreciate items for new transatlantic marketers, or existing companies that find they are struggling in the U.S.

“Success in the U.S. isn’t as simple as it might seem for British brands,” said Ken Lempit, president of Austin Lawrence Group Inc. “While we are generally Anglophiles here, there is a lot about U.S. culture and business that is very different from the U.K., and getting your proposition, product and messaging right is just as important for our market as for any in Europe or Asia. Our Ten Golden Rules for UK Business Success is a great place to start thinking about the main differences between our markets and how to approach them successfully.”

The Ten Golden Rules for U.K. Business Success in the U.S. post may be accessed on the swelledhead.com blog at http://algblog.typepad.com/swelledheadcom/2007/05/golden_rules_fo.html

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