Adrian Fristensky and Add Important Dental Health Care Fact Links to Site continues to upgrade site;. adding another link to the popular Dental Health Care Facts page.

Loma Linda, CA, December 18, 2011 --( Adrian Fristensky, owner of, says these additions will make the Dental Health Care Facts page one of the most important on the site. Said Fristensky, "With the addition of the Mayo Clinic link to the site, along with the other links providing facts on the important relationship between oral health and overall health, we are separating ourselves from sites that only sell products. We offer both a comprehensive dental plan in California but it is important to educate the consumer about oral hygiene." Fristensky adds, "The Dental Health Care Facts page is one of the more frequently visited pages on the site. We are proud to provide this valuable information to the public and encourage everyone to visit this page to better understand the importance of oral hygiene."

Visitors to will also have the ability to view and/or download details on three comprehensive dental plans available to Californians. From the basic Dental Plan 460 to the most comprehensive Dental Plan 595 that even provides cosmetic benefits. All plans provide cleanings every 6 months, full mouth Xrays every 2 years and bitewing Xrays every year at no cost along with A-Z coverage.

Starting in the insurance business in 1991, Fristensky is an Independent Agent. Adding, "I am not married to any particular company. This allows me to research and contract with many different companies, providing me with the ability to offer the most competitive dental plans and other insurances to my clients. I have personally used the dental plan on this site since January of 2002 after trying two other plans," says Fristensky, "It is important to note that this is not a Discount Dental Plan. There are important differences between a Discount Dental Plan and this plan. I know, I have tried two Discount Dental Plans and paid for the difference."

The Dental Health Care Facts page provides information on how routine cleanings and maintenance can protect your heart. "The basic Plan 460 starts at $7.95 monthly and provides free cleanings every six months and bitewing Xrays every year, you are not going to beat that. I encourage everyone to take a serious look at these plans," adds Fristensky.

Adrian Fristensky