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Internet portal to enhance sports enjoyment

Dublin, Ireland, May 04, 2007 --( Sports reviews and news keep people up to date with current happenings in the sports scene, letting aside the background histories. At the same time, viewers do not dispose of sufficient time for consulting the relevant sources either. As a result, enjoying spectator sports becomes a merely superficial delight if not observing the news for a long time.

Facing this situation, the recently launched Internet search portal provides people with concise background information. This way, the developers intend to enhance the enjoyment factor of sports by highlighting important events as well as sportsmen and teams. Seven categories guide users through different types of sports. Each of them contains links to popular merchandizing sites and ticket retailers, so that sports fans can obtain all they need to enrich their lives with accessories, tickets, and information on one site.

Taking into account the difficulties users experience while browsing the Internet in order to organize their trips to sports events, the development team’s aim is to motivate people to access further information. An intuitive navigation menu seeks to assure that users can maintain their attention level during their search. Without users having to further specify any keywords, links lead them from individual articles to customized search results according to the choices they made during navigation.

The site’s developers had deduced from their own experiences that additional information can help to enjoy a sports event more profoundly. Confronted with the amount of information available on the Internet, they realized that it must be hard for new fans to reach this kind of enjoyment if not spending hours in front of a screen, which they saw as a frustrating element, leading many to stay with their superficial kinds of sports reception. To change this situation they designed and finally launched it in January 2007.

The Internet search portal belongs to the latest creations by the network of vertical sites Being active since the end of 2003, the network’s team of passionate Internet professionals pursues the objective of creating an everyday guide to electronically presented information, products, and services. Go Advertising Limited, Dublin, creates and manages

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