Renowned Fitness Trainer Inaugurates Ace Boot Camp in Balmain

Balmain, Australia, December 21, 2011 --( Sydney’s top trainer Dan Clay opens his highly successful boot camp program in Balmain. This fitness program aims to help people acquire a toned lean shape the right way. Boot camp Balmain is ideal for people fed up with starving diets and unhelpful exercise regimes, says the fitness trainer.

Dan Clay is the founder of the fitness boot camp Dangerously Fit, which has been in the forefront for many years now, helping people of Sydney achieve their fitness goals. With his boot camp Balmain, Clay brings a highly effective scientifically-proven fitness program designed to burn fat fast, improve metabolism and impart a healthier and fit look to people.

The primary benefit of boot camp Balmain is the nature of exercises involved, says Clay. These are exercises built on years of practical experience and scientific research, explains the ace boot camp Sydney trainer. They are designed to yield effective and fast results within a short period of time without compromising on quality.

Highlighting other benefits of boot camp Balmain, Clay starts with the professional expertise that his team brings to the program. All trainers are qualified fitness experts, says the boot camp Sydney trainer.

These experts guide participants through different exercises so that participants perform them right and derive optimal benefits; expert guidance also minimizes chances of injury, adds the boot camp Sydney trainer. There are also expert dieticians who plan an effective food chart for participants to benefit from.

One of the major reasons for the high success of his fitness programs, Clay says, is the fun factor involved. His practice sessions shatter the myth of boredom and expensive fitness equipment popularly associated with exercises.

Boot camp Balmain features a variety of innovative exercise techniques that audiences will enjoy doing, says the boot camp Sydney trainer. Exercises are changed regularly to keep them challenging and interesting for participants, adds Clay.

Participants never lose motivation at boot camp Balmain, asserts Clay. While the exercise format and encouraging trainers are one reason, faster results add to maintaining active levels of motivation. Participants see themselves getting trimmer, not to mention the improved confidence and energy levels they experience, which motivates them further.

Another major advantage of boot camp Balmain is the collective atmosphere, points out the boot camp Sydney expert. Contrary to conventional fitness training in gyms and at home, participants at boot camp Balmain work out in groups and in outdoor environments. Outdoor atmosphere induces a freshness that is invigorating.

Group workout spurs competitiveness in participants and they perform better to try to match other team members. In addition, there is also the companionship and group fun involved, which makes exercising satisfying physically and emotionally, explains Clay.

Subscribing to boot camp Balmain is also a way to dispel preconceived notions about health and fitness, says Clay. Participants get to know what real fitness is all about and are motivated to put an end to their bad habits successfully. For more information on Dan Clay and his boot camp Balmain, please visit

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