Kamweld Technologies Offers Two Plastics Welding Technologies to Best Serve the Plastics Market

Kamweld Technologies now features two different welding product lines each with different welding technologies; inclusion of two different technologies gives the customer a choice for the best welder for their application.

Norwood, MA, December 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Kamweld Technologies now offers two distinct plastics welding technology types, giving customers a choice in the best tool to complete their fabrication jobs. The first type is Kamweld Welders manufactured by Bosite. They incorporate the latest technologies of both the leading Swiss and German plastic welding equipment providers: Leister and Wegener. First, they use a self-contained blower in the welding handle, making them lightweight enough so they are especially suitable for high temperature continuous work. Second, they are durable enough to be suitable for 24 hour continuous fabrication, cutting equipment downtime to nearly zero. The welders are built with large impeller blades which increases transmission of airflow across the heating element yielding a large 285 liters/minute total air volume. Internal motor components are kept cool via heat reducing metal alloys. Machine balanced spindles reduce vibration yielding an extremely smooth operating plastic hand welder. The welders feature an advanced heating element with a segmented ceramic insulator that allows expansion during heating and cooling, thereby extending the lifespan of the element in the event of a power loss. The digital model, the recently announced eKTI-06902, incorporates an automatic shut-down function feature preventing damage to the welder caused by thermal damage to all plastic parts. Finally, Kamweld Welders manufactured by Bosite utilize a1600 watt heating element for use up to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit welding temperature.

The second type of welders is the Kamweld Original Series Welders. They are both analog and digital welders. For strength and long usage life, these welders feature heating elements, outer barrels and ventilated inner barrels all constructed from stainless steel. All of Kamweld’s Original Series Welders operate off of factory shop air (compressed air). Welding temperature is precisely adjusted by rotating an air regulator until the desired air pressure is reached on the pressure gauge. The Fusion welders from Kamweld’s Original Series Welders are exceptionally precise, able to hold welding temperatures within 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit throughout a welding job. They will also heat up within 60 seconds to the right use temperature, versus standard welders which average 5 minutes to reach the desired welding temperature. The Fusion welder also features premature element burnout protection since the heating element automatically shuts off when too low of an airflow value is detected. Finally, Kamweld’s Original Series Welders use heating elements that range from 350 to 900 watts to accommodate both slow and fast welding speed applications with a 950 °F maximum air temperature.

“We feel that giving welding professionals a choice in welding technology is the best approach to serving our customers,” said Len Alter, Kamweld Product Manager. “We’ve done that by expanding our offering to include both Kamweld Original Welders, including our Fusion welder, and Kamweld Welders manufactured by Bosite.”

For more information on Kamweld Original Welders or Kamweld Welders manufactured by Bosite, please visit, http://www.kamweld.com or email sales@kamweld.com

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Len Alter