Help PrymlUrg Make Art and Feeling with Female Bodies

Wichita, KS, December 21, 2011 --( PrymlUrg, a lifecasting artist, is attempting to bring concept to reality by taking 8 castings of female torsos and 8 castings of female facial expressions and modifying them to visually represent the inner feeling that a person may not show outwardly. Hence the series title, ‘The Feeling Within’. Smaller pieces will be cast in Hydrocal, a light weight, extremely durable gypsum. Larger pieces will be cast using a cold cast metal technique.

So what is the purpose? While people walk around their worlds all day long, they come across others that they see as beautiful and desirable. However, that person may or may not feel beautiful to themselves. That’s where PrymlUrg steps in and shows you whether they do or don’t through the art of lifecasting.

This project is a series of 8 with the entire series of lifecasts representing 8 different inward feelings including anger, love, pain, surprise, disdain, wondering, playfulness, and joy. Each one different. A different pose, different feeling, and different models.

So what is lifecasting? Lifecasting is a method of duplicating the human body. The reproductions are exact all the way down to the pores of the skin. It’s messy and fun and expensive. That’s where comes in to help.

Kickstarter is a funding medium that allows the artists promote their work while reach their much need funding requirements. In return, everyone that supports the project walk away with some excellent rewards. PrymlUrg is seeking help and in return for community support with this project, PrymlUrg is offering some awesome works art. You could receive everything from photos of the models and the art, to small area replication, to complete limited edition lifecasts.

This is a unique concept and you are urged to check out the project on Kickstarter. It’s easy to help and support this project. For as little as $1 you could help this project get off the ground.

PrymlUrg: The Feeling Within: A Series Of 8

PrymlUrg Lifecasting
Kevin Hamblin