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Flower remedies for emotional distress are liquid extracts made from carefully selected flowers. These emotional remedies have been used for several decades to help with emotional well-being -

Nashville, TN, December 22, 2011 --( Dr. Edward Bach, a surgeon in England in the 1930s, set out to find natural ways to address the emotional states of people. He studied English flowers and plants and developed over three dozen flower essences that could act as a remedy for a large variety of specific emotional states. Others in this field studied flower remedies from North American sources.

Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) has its own unique line of both English and North American flower remedies, called Flower Essences, featuring flowers grown in certified organic gardens and pristine wild-crafted habitats. These emotional remedies were formulated by Master Herbalist and famed author and NSP lecturer, Steven Horne.

Mr. Horne advanced his study of flower essences by reading the Flower Essence Repertory. Coincidentally, one of his favorite herbs was Yarrow; he had always been attracted to the plant and had enjoyed studying it, learning about where it grew and learning its healing properties. When he read the description of the Yarrow flower essence in the Repertory, he realized it fit perfectly for him; his attraction to the plant had been no mere coincidence. His understanding of plant perception grew through his reading and study.

As an example, he realized that seeing the gesture of Shooting Star growing in the high mountains provided him with the perfect metaphor for its use as a flower essence. The placement of the flowers at the end of the long slender stalk, combined with the downward orientation of the pistil and stamens indicate a sort of “tension” between the earth and upper realms; Shooting Star is indicated for those with a “profound feeling of alienation” and “helps such persons to find their right connection to earthly life.”

Mr. Horne’s awareness of the relationship between the flower essences and the physical nature of the plants from which they’re made deepened, and he began to experiment further with the remedies. He found that they worked well with herbal and nutritional treatments, producing “wonderful success” overall, and he also found them to be very dependable. He has learned that flower essences are not effective only when individuals stop taking them because they are simply not ready to address their emotional issues.

The finest ingredients make the best dishes, the best health supplements and the best flower essence remedies. These seven new formulas each contain seven flowers or botanicals. Each was carefully chosen for its unique properties to create high-quality emotional remedies providing vital emotional support.

1. Distress Remedy (emotional balance formula)
2. Keep Cool (vented anger emotional remedy)
3. Find Strength (suppressed anger emotional remedy)
4. Release It (vented grief emotional remedy)
5. Open Heart (suppressed grief emotional remedy)
6. Be Courageous (vented fear emotional remedy)
7. Be Response-Able (suppressed fear emotional remedy)

This new line of flower essences is available online from: is a budget-friendly, shopper-friendly online natural health store offering the highest quality health and wellness solutions with 24/7 easy access to over 600 time-tested Nature’s Sunshine Products at everyday wholesale prices.

Melanie Amanda Painter