Help for Parents Now & Beyond This Stressful Holiday Season

"Save Your Breath" is proud to announce the Save Your Breath app for Android’s improved registration process. The Save Your Breath app is a parental control app that lets parents and caregivers send text messages, pre-recorded voice alerts, locate a child on a map and remotely block the child’s mobile phone usage when they do not respond properly to regular calls or texts. They can still call 911. Parent unblocks via code.

Berkeley, CA, December 22, 2011 --( “This product helps parents cope digitally in this digital age. It is certified Virus and Malware Free,” said Rowena Starling, CEO of Save Your Breath, LLC. “This App is a relationship builder- something that supports parenting. It may not replace good parenting, and it may not be a perfect solution to every situation that happens, but it actually does have an impact, and it does this with compassion.”

The Save Your Breath Android App is a free download that provides $3.48 of usage credit. That's enough to try out all the features once. In fact, trials are encouraged because one of the best preventions is the thought that if curfews and deadlines aren't honored, down goes the fun. Further credits (pay as you go) are available in $10 chunks with Google Credits.

It's a simple system with technology at its core, and it encourages responsibility from kids and teens rather than just punishing or using dumb brute force. Parents register their phone as the Primary and the kids' as the Secondary (CAUTION: make sure yours is the Primary no matter what your kids say.)

Helpful, simple to use, and it has teeth when needed, definitely save your breath when it comes to the kids' check in times, and curfews.

The Save Your Breath app can be found in The Android App Market and at

Rowena Starling, CEO

Save Your Breath, LLC
Rowena Starling