Surf from Any Locale with a Proxy Toolbar for Firefox 9

The online media professionals’ choice, GeoSurf Premium Proxy Toolbar has released its Firefox 9 version, which allows Mozilla users to surf like a local from 80+ locations to view geotargeted web content and ads.

Tel Aviv, Israel, December 24, 2011 --( GeoSurf Premium Proxy Servers announced today, on the day of Mozilla’s Firefox 9 release, that its geotargeting tool is compatible with Firefox 9. By using this fast and powerful tool, online media professionals and QA personnel can easily surf the internet like a local user from virtually any country or US city. The tool is often used to validate and monitor advertising campaign deployment in multiple geographies, as well as to research and profile new markets and territories.

“Using the GeoSurf Proxy Server Network for Firefox 9, users experience the internet like a local user does,” says Oren Zafrir, VP Sales & Business Development. “They can the experience their own online advertising like a local user – in his language, in his currency. They can follow the funnels to make sure everything is flowing properly. They can find new areas in which to advertise and check out what their competitors are doing around the globe. We are excited to be able to release our new Firefox 9 version on the same day as Firefox 9 itself is released. We recommend that users get a free trials and then and then, buy the proxy service we offer.”

The tool, used by online advertisers and agencies, publishing sites, networks, DSPs, programmers and QA personnel, is available on the GeoSurf’s website. Also included is a mobile emulator, to experience the content like a mobile user does and comprehensive eco-system reports for an up-to-the-minute macro view of the online advertising world. There are browser toolbars and advanced features like a VPN Connection, Smartphone Solution, Direct Connect API.

About GeoSurf:
GeoSurf™ is a product suite that enables users to get the local perspective from more than 80 global locations. It is often used by online media professionals (agencies, buyers, campaign managers, sales, affiliates, and compliance teams) to view geo-targeted ads and web content. This way, they can easily validate and monitor campaigns, see who is bidding on localized ad placements, generate new sources of business, and enhance current marketing activities. It is straight-forward and easy-to-use. The company’s commitment is to extraordinary customer service for its customers. The products: Internet Explorer and Firefox toolbars, VPN connection, Direct Connect API, and a Smartphone Solution grant access to a broad worldwide network of servers that provide premium proxy service. All of the servers on the network are owned by the company, thereby making them fast, secure, and reliable.

GeoSurf Premium Proxy Server Network
Lital Barkan