Free Digital Signage Software – World First

In a world first Digital Signage Software for the online control of a network of screens is now available for free.

Melbourne, Australia, May 07, 2007 --( In a world-first, Digital Recall (an Australian Company) is providing Free Digital Signage Software for the online control of a network of screens by simply downloading it off their website

Until now, similar software would cost hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars. Michael Marcus, a Director says that Digital Recall believes this most useful tool should be easily & cheaply available to small & medium businesses. So they’re giving it away. Free.

The software provides for the centralised online control of multiple screens at multiple locations using the Internet or LAN. Full instructions for installing & using the Software are provided on the Digital Recall website and in the detailed User Manuals. Users may use their own equipment.

The Software supports most major formats.

The benefits of Digital Signage have been recognised in recent events as evidenced by the following:
“Companies conducting deployments of digital signage solutions have clearly demonstrated higher brand awareness and sales uplift by targeting relevant information to an audience near the point of purchase”.
9 Jan 2007. Cisco Completes Acquisition of Tivella, Inc. By BusinessWire

It also reduces printing costs, “print clutter” and the cost & hassle of erecting and taking down printed material.

Marcus advises that many users around the world already use this free software with great feedback. Some of the Testimonials are available on their website –

Content Creation: To further assist business Digital Recalls’ advert-creation service provides businesses with custom made high impact “moving” adverts at less than the cost of a printed one. And you can use it on multiple screens/ locations. Huge savings. Great flexibility.

Digital Recall recognise that it’s critical for business to maintain fresh & interesting content on their digital signage. The traditional methods of obtaining moving adverts are both very expensive & time consuming. Digital Recalls’ easy (and cheap) on-line advert ordering service ensures that businesses keep their customers interested and their Sales growing.

Digital Recall. Free Digital Signage Software

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