Texans Can Say "Howdy" to Cash Back on New Home Purchases

Texas home buyers are in for a treat...cash back when they buy a new home. It's a rebate program that actually pays buyers cash out, that they can use any way they like.

Austin, TX, May 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Great news, new Texas home buyers - while many factors determine whether it is a buyer's or seller's market at any given time, there's an exciting factor to keep in mind when making that new home purchase. RebateJazz, with Planet Austin Real Estate, is a Texas-based program for new home buyers in the Lone Star State that offers a percentage back to the customer at closing.

What could be better than getting some cash back in your pocket at closing? Getting more! As of May 9, 2007, RebateJazz is increasing the commission from its current 1.5 percent to 2 percent. This means that on the purchase of a $300,000 home, the buyer receives $6,000 cash back as opposed to the current $4,500.

With all the expenses involved in a home purchase, RebateJazz is confident that buyers can find great ways to use their rebates.

"You could use it for closing costs or a down payment, or we'll send you a check after closing," explains RebateJazz President Darlene Bauer. "It's a different business model, as some real estate agents don't want to split their commissions. It's a little-known real estate strategy that really helps the home buyer."

Rest assured, cash rebates are legal in Texas. RebateJazz discloses to all parties involved that the buyer will be receiving a rebate. The rebate is then recorded on the HUD Settlement Statement. Since builders are only allowed to pay commissions to real estate agents, they include the commission into the price of the home. With RebateJazz, they collect the built-in commission and then share it with the buyer.

Says Bauer, "This program is for the savvy home-buyers who are out there on the Internet. They’ve done the work looking for their home on their own and they know what they want. The RebateJazz cash back rebate is their reward for a job well done."

For more information or to register online, please visit their Website: www.RebateJazz.com.

Contact: Darlene Bauer at 800-903-5750, or admin@RebateJazz.com.

Darlene Bauer