Sassy Scrubs Supports Our Troops with Donations of Scrubs

Landstuhl Hospital Care Project is pleased to welcome a new corporate sponsor - Sassy Scrubs, an internet retailer and manufacturer offering custom-made scrubs uniforms. LHCP provides donations to military medical personnel deployed to combat support hospitals.

Penn Yan, NY, December 24, 2011 --( Sassy Scrubs, a custom medical uniforms manufacturer and e-tailer from Upstate New York, was asked to participate in a vitally important project to support America’s men and women in the Armed Forces. Karen Grimord, from the Landsthuhl Hospital Care Project, contacted Sassy Scrubs about providing a donation of scrubs for military medical personnel deployed to combat support hospitals.

When medics on the front lines serve in areas such as the Middle East, they have limited access to supplies; particularly, new medical uniforms. Because of this supply deficiency, as well as a lack of laundry facilities to care for the uniforms they do have, the need for scrubs for themselves - and often for their patients - is real and immediate. Sassy Scrubs President, Karen Bradley states, “We were honored to be asked to assist in this project, and we are committed to contributing whatever we can to assist our medical units treating America’s own.” Scrubs items are also requested by US troop hospitals in Germany and the Middle East for use by staff and patients, who use the scrub pants as comfortable sleepwear.

LHCP couldn’t have contacted a more philanthropic-minded business. Sassy Scrubs’ founder, Karen Bradley explains, “I feel it is the responsibility of every person, and every business, to help out where we can. I’m happy to be able to do so both personally and with my business.” In addition to supporting LHCP, Sassy Scrubs sponsors its own Baby Blankets for China project. Blankets are donated from around the country, and Sassy Scrubs employees use fabric scraps to make blankets during off-peak; all of which are sent to children in orphanages in China. Now that Karen Bradley has learned about LHCP, she has also become involved with their Stitches of Love projects. As she enthusiastically states, “Once you understand the need(s), it’s hard not to get involved!”

Bradley states “We have participated in the Landstuhl Hospital Care Project for several years now, and through this organization, we can determine what the real needs are for our servicemen and women.” In the past, this has meant donating scrub tops for front line medics; scrub pants for wounded patients and hospital staff; and colorful surgical caps for use by hospital surgeons and medics in the field. Another regular need which has been met by Sassy Scrubs in the past is patriotic themed med bags, for storage of patient personal effects, records, and medications as they are transported from field to hospital. To lift spirits at the holidays, Sassy Scrubs has also worked to send Christmas Stockings, which have been requested, to the service members who’ll be visiting the overseas hospitals at holiday time.

When asked if she had a message for our military medical personnel who wear scrubs, Karen Bradley thoughtfully shares, “Well, my personal motto is to ‘Think positively and move in a forward direction,’ so I’d expand that to our military medical people into ‘Keep your spirits up, think positively, and do the best job you can do.’ That, along with wishing them a safe journey through this aspect of their lives; and also sharing my respect for the commitment they have for their work and country.”

Since the medical uniform manufacturer custom makes all the garments they produce, Sassy Scrubs is ready at a moment’s notice to focus on a specific need to help US troops. “We keep an eye on the needs as they are posted”, states Bradley, “and help when we can fulfill a request.” The Company expects to continue their donations to support American service members as long as there is a need.

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Contact Information:
Karen Bradley, President/Owner
Sassy Scrubs
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Sassy Scrubs
Karen Bradley
One Keuka Business Park
Penn Yan, NY 14527