Small Company - Huge Heart: A Midwest Call Center, OLC Global Shows Their Heart and Has a Great Announcement

A woman owned U.S. based call center located in the Midwest, shows how much heart they have with a touching gesture during the holidays. President Peggy O'Connor makes a very important announcement, committing to creating 200 jobs in Wichita, Kansas.

Wichita, KS, December 24, 2011 --( Small Company, Huge Heart

Telephone Centers that conduct telemarketing and survey calls are in an incredibly competitive industry and are known for attracting lower income workers. One of the workers at OLC Global has a son who was assigned to an elementary school based on its ability to accommodate a physical challenge. It turned out that the school is located in one of the lowest income areas of the city. An overwhelming percent of the children live below the poverty level.

“I saw children with no coats or torn coats, worn out shoes, and felt compelled to try to do something,” said Corrina Webber, an executive sales person for the company. She called Peggy O’Connor President and owner of OLC Global and asked if she could start a campaign to help these kids at Christmas. Peggy suggested that maybe they could start an Angel Tree and without using last names tell the story of the conditions these children lived in. Corrina jumped on the idea and announced to the staff what the company had in mind. Without hesitation the staff responded in an overwhelming way. Some started calling other companies in the Wichita area looking for donations and were met with warm hearts and helpful companies such as the employees of Cargill, Marta Curry / Waddell & Reed, Fish Window Cleaning and Allstate – Kevin “Scooby” Hutchins Agency. Others wanted to remain anonymous.

The result is 57 families have been adopted for Christmas and every child will receive what they wanted on their list and every family will have food. “Some of the people who donated live from paycheck to paycheck themselves,” according to Peggy O’Connor. “And that makes this effort even more worthwhile than anything else I can think of at this time of year,” she said. According to O’Connor, her woman owned company OLC Global is in the process of joining the American Teleservices Association’s, “Jobs4America” initiative to create 100,000 jobs in the next year and she is committing to create 200 jobs in Wichita over the next year.


OLC Global is a 160 seat market research and teleservices company that has been in business since 1985. The company conducts telephone surveys to consumers and businesses and also sells financial products to small companies. It offers both inbound and out bound calling services and is headquartered in Bartlesville, OK.

Corrina Webber,
OLC Global
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OLC Global
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