Ecom Advertising Has Restarted Publishing Ethiopian Real Estate Info on

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 25, 2011 --( Ecom Advertising has joined forces with local realtors in Ethiopia to publish real estate information on the internet through, an Ethiopian real estate website.

LiveInEthiopia was released in 2010 to take the rather chaotic Ethiopian Real Estate Industry- the renting, buying and selling part –to a different and modern level. It had a different business model then; it used to collaborate with the realtors, traditionally known as "Delalas", on all levels. It used to advertise the properties, negotiate with customers and was directly involved in the business.

It was not successful because of the acute lack of transparency in the sector. The website was still running; however, it was not updated frequently. After studying the market and reorienting the business model, the website’s owner company, Ecom Advertising, has agreed with two experienced real estate agent companies, Homenet Car Rent and Commission Agent and Tesfaye Gebru Real Estate Agent, to publish real estate information on the website.

Homenet Ethiopia, owned by Girum, has already started publishing information of the properties under its responsibility on The other real estate agent company, owned by Tesfaye Gebru, will soon start publishing on the website. Ecom Advertising hasn't signed exclusivity agreements with these companies and hence invites all real estate agent companies to post their property on the website.

It has plans to work with Real Estate Developers who would like to post their property under construction on the website. Ecom plans to give the developers a package deal which will also involve advertising the developers’ seasonal offers to the business community in Ethiopia and abroad on its popular Ethiopian business portal, has been developed, marketed and owned by three engineers, two of which setup the popular Ethiopian Business Portal, - owned by Ecom Advertising too. Ecom Advertising is registered according to Ethiopian business regulatory requirements and is based in Addis Ababa.

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