Mahlatini Are Embracing Social Media

London, United Kingdom, December 25, 2011 --( Mahlatini, the luxury African Travel Company has been implementing and embracing social media in an attempt to connect customers to their website and to lead the way for other holiday operators.

Mahlatini are specialist in luxury African safaris, honeymoons and family holidays to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Through their experience of providing holidays to a wide range of different personalities, they have found that each customer has their very own unique perspective of their ideal holiday. They work together with you to ensure your holiday meets your exact needs and requirements, ensuring that you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Mahlatini is a Zulu word which translates to "lover of the African bush," which is a sign a respect particular to visitors whom discover a unique love for the wild places of Africa. The organisation operates from offices in Belfast, Northern Ireland but provide travel services throughout Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean. All of their partners in Southern and Eastern Africa are the finest in their field and are fully registered with local travel trade regulation bodies.

The great benefit of travelling with a specialist tour operator is their unique and in depth knowledge that the employees at Mahlatini possess and employ into the designing and creation of your luxury safari holiday. Mahlatini take great measures to ensure that their customers are provided with the very best customer service giving their customers an unprecedented attention to detail.

Mahlatini are resolute in using social media to its full effect and not simply for the use of a retail outlet, the organisation has a genuine passion for sharing, enlightening and discussing their issues which they and their customers are truly concerned about. From daily insights into wildlife shows and documentaries to the latest news on their rhino sponsorship of Ron the South African rhino; Mahlatini’s online community have become a gateway for vibrant debate and digressing interaction.

The main factor which has shaped an emergent contribution towards Mahlatini’s immersion into engaging with social media is their appreciation and understanding of its importance. Mahlatini will use this portal to maintain a direct link to their client base. With the organisations ethos of building relationships and sharing their experiences with their customers enabling them to make better and more informed choices, come as a refreshing change to a make place which is saturated with bullish and brash hard sell strategies and anonymous industrial facades.

Mahlatini has a recurrently updated onsite blog, their expansive band of customers are kept up to date on everything from travel advice on African safaris to the latest safari and wildlife news. The company maintain their own Facebook and Twitter accounts and For more information, please visit the company’s website,, or visit their blog at

Jack Jones