Old Dog Kurt Wells Learns New Real Estate Investing Tricks

Former 9-1-1 Fire Rescue Communications Supervisor Tries Hand at Real Estate Investing and Real Estate Education Promoter

Boca Raton, FL, December 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Kurt Wells spent a good bit of his working years attending to emergency fire and medical 9-1-1 calls as a dispatch supervisor in Palm Beach County, Florida and loved it. Wells says “It was the most engaging career I have ever done!” He sparked high kudos to the people that he served with. “Not a shift went by with out team mates handling the most difficult situations with composure, skill, and good judgment. I was honored to serve with them!” Wells said.

Now, he has moved on to other endeavors, crafting a new field as a real estate investor and real estate investing education promoter. Wells budgets his efforts buying and keeping track of real estate properties as well as organizing real estate investing instruction web series, online real estate eduction offers, and posting a blog about real estate investing, real estate markets, and real estate education products. His blog can be seen at All Stars of Real Estate Investing.com. Wells organized the Your Path to Real Estate Gold web training series featuring ten well known national real estate educators and trainers. The series gave ten different hour-long trainings about most sought out real estate investing concepts. The live training is over, but the training will remain offered for some time on the web for those interested in obtaining some great real estate investing content at no cost. Wells declared he “learned a good amount about real estate managing this event, and got an break to work with several of the major real estate investing educators in the U.S.A.

About Kurt Wells / Kurt Wells was a 9-1-1 fire rescue communications supervisor until retiring from the fire department in December of 2010. He began investing in real estate in 2005 and has properties in Florida and North Carolina. Through his company South East Property Assistance, LLC he operates those investments as well as managing the internet real estate education projects.

Persons interested in real estate investing can follow Kurt Wells on Twitter (KurtWells1) or find his blog, All Stars of Real Estate Investing.com.

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