New Molecular Separation Technology Produces Drinking Water from Wastewater with the ECO H2O

Waterbook Solutions Limited is announcing the invention of the most efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solution to the world's fresh water production and wastewater reclamation challenges, it's name is Eco H2o and it's process is Molecular Separation Technology. Invented in Finland, this system is now commercially viable and will purify any wastewater source, at any volume capacity, in Real time as it is delivered to the facility.

Haikou, China, December 26, 2011 --( Waterbook Solutions Limited announced today the invention and commercial implementation of a high tech Eco solution to the global challenges of wastewater reclamation. It is a highly efficient, revolutionary wastewater reclamation & purification system called Eco H2o.

The technology was invented in Finland and the distributors for the system demonstrated how this highly advanced Molecular Separation process results in municipal wastewater becoming completely purified and returned to the municipalities, cycling in a contained loop as pure water for consumption, and then again returned to the Eco H2o reclamation and purifying facility for water and bio compost separation. No outflow effluent, high energy efficiency, no water storage pools and no limits on capacity expansion.

Wastewater effluent no longer needs to leave the new molecular purification facility, cycling pure, clean drinking water in an enclosed loop forever.

This advanced technology is a completely green process, involving no chemicals, requiring low power, with minimal land footprint due to its real time processing.

Waterbook Solutions is now distributing the new Eco H2o systems in China.

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