Rear View Safety Promotes Backup Camera System Service for Commercial and Government Fleets

Rear View Safety is showcasing its backup camera system solutions for fleets of vehicles in a wide range of industries.

Brooklyn, NY, December 29, 2011 --( Backup camera system provider Rear View Safety is now promoting its comprehensive fleet service program, which covers government transport, first responders, recreational vehicles, and construction equipment, among other industries. Available at, Rear View Safety offers an online Fleet Solutions form where visitors can request information on vehicle backup camera service catering to fleets of all sizes.

"From groups of 10 or more vehicles to fleets exceeding 200 vehicles, Rear View Safety is happy to assist government and industry professionals in evaluating their backup camera system needs and outfitting their vehicles. We're also proud to provide the lowest prices in the industry; our vehicle backup camera systems start at around $250, while most of our competitors begin their prices at about two times that," said Sam Abend, Vice President of Rear View Safety.

Rear View Safety's fleet vehicle backup camera service covers a wide range of industries, including transit buses and coaches, for which the company's recommended system is the RVS-770613. The affordable back up system is a great solution for the main blind spot in vehicle.

Another popular option for transit buses and coaches, the RVS-MVG400 4-channel mobile DVR is also a facet in other fleet scenarios, including police forces and fire departments. The RVS-MVG400 truck back up camera acts as a "mobile video gateway," streaming live video footage over Wi-Fi or cellular networks to enable multiple vehicles to function as a team. The backup camera system also includes bi-directional audio designed to connect drivers with a central control unit, as well as GPS remote vehicle tracking built-in. The RVS-MVG400 4-channel vehicle backup camera retails for $1,250, with a 2-channel version available for $850.

First responder vehicles can also be outfitted with the RVS-770618 Mirror Display back up camera system, which is designed to be affixed to a vehicle's existing rear view mirror for added convenience. The Mirror Display vehicle backup camera sports a 4.2" TFT-LCD monitor with mirror capability and a 130-degree camera equipped with 50-foot night vision. The camera also includes a 3-channel multiplexer to connect to a DVD system or additional cameras, and has received an IP67 rating for its weather-proof functionality.

To find out more about Rear View Safety or request information on a backup camera system solution for a fleet of any size, visit or call 800-764-1028. Rear View Safety can also be located at and

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