New Energy: Fertilizer Market is Growing

Fertilizers are vital nutrients necessary for all plants. They are essential for high-yield harvest. In 2010, about one quarter of all fertilizers used in Europe were applied on grassland for feeding.

Konstanz, Germany, August 13, 2012 --( According to the market research institute Ceresana Research, the European fertilizer market will grow to €15.3 billion by 2018. With a roughly 15% share, France is forecasted to be the largest sales market in 2018, followed by Russia and Germany. So far, only small amounts of fertilizers are used in Eastern Europe. This is why we expect fertilizer demand in this region to increase in future. In addition, the slow shifting from small farms to large-scale farms is leading to rising demand for fertilizers.

Food and Energy Challenges

“Increases in agricultural production and rapid population growth have become major issues of concern,” says Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana: “Moreover, rising prosperity in emerging countries like China, Brazil, and India is resulting in changes in dietary habits. Rising meat consumption requires more grain, and therefore increases in fertilizer use.”

Furthermore, bioenergy sources continue gaining importance, with oil fruits and energy maize as the most popular varieties. Ceresana forecasts that especially the sales of fertilizers for energy maize will increase over the next years. The fertilizer use for oil fruits is anticipated to see above-average increases in rapeseed production as well as in sunflower and soy production in the Mediterranean area.

In contrast, the importance of sugar beet cultivation is declining further. While sugar production accounted for about 3.4% of European fertilizer demand in 2002, this share is expected to drop to 3% by 2018. However, this trend is weakened by more intensive fertilizer application, above all in Eastern Europe.

The Study in Brief:

Manufacturers, suppliers, and processors use our in-depth overview and analyses of the market: 3 fertilizer types (nitrogen, phosphate, and potash), 8 application areas, and 30 country profiles. Additionally, Ceresana provides a clearly-arranged list of producers, including 72 profiles of fertilizer manufacturers. The comprehensive report offers you a clear understanding of the fertilizer industry. It comprises more than 450 pages, 129 colored graphs, and 206 tables. An 8-year review as well as price, revenue and demand forecasts up to 2018 – split by application areas, fertilizer types, and countries – provide the information and tools to help you make important business decisions.
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