Yoritex Inc. Have for the First Time Demonstrated the Measuring Possibilities of Medical Network HUB®

Yoritex Inc., developer of the USB medical diagnostics accessories for BlackBerry® smartphones, have demonstrated its Medical Network HUB® (YoriMed®).

Toronto, Canada, December 31, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The presentation shows functionality of YoriMed medical interface with Medical EСG Module by Freescale Semiconductor, connected to the BlackBerry Bold 9780 via micro USB. The presentation is available on YouTube from 27th of December 2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0raQ0rmL2I).

YoriMed® - is an evolutionary mHealth solution for Blackberry and Android-based smartphones based on USB connectivity. As an accessory YoriMed® is completely managed by smartphone and allows connecting plug-in units such ECG/EKG, Blood Pressure, Blood Analyzer, Body Temperature, etc. for demonstration, collection and secure transfer of the collected data to selected medical professionals for further analysis.

mHealth solution by Yoritex Inc., based on using YoriMed®, brings many benefits for the medical professionals, patients, that are in need of real mobile health monitoring as well as for manufacturers of medical devices and medical Apps developers.

Key Benefits For Patients
• Improvement of quality of life for patients by means of providing timely medical help
• Health monitoring with a vast amount of health indications that can be tested as frequently as necessary for optimal health
• Human data entry errors minimized or eliminated altogether
• More effective medical observation based on real-time monitoring

Key Benefits For Doctors
• Saving time and costs during patient visits
• Better quality of treatment by providing more accurate data and early diagnosis
• Increase of medical staff efficiency
• Expansion of territory where medical services can be provided
• Possibility to maintain electronic medical reports

Key Benefits For Medical Device Manufacturers
• Decrease of the volume of investments in development of new devices and upgrade of existing ones
• Faster rate of return on investment (Enhanced ROI)
• Decrease of cost for new products

Key Benefits For Software Developers
• New promising direction in the field of software development for mHealth products
• Possibility to participate in software development projects for medical data processing, analysis, archiving, etc.

Yoritex Inc. plans to start manufacturing YoriMed® in the middle of 2012. The estimated price of YoriMed® is only 99 USD.

About Medical Network HUB®

Medical Network HUB® (YoriMed®) by Yoritex Inc. is the first USB-connected hardware accessory for BlackBerry smartphones, which enables over 50 different medical and non-medical measurements via plug-in units by Yoritex Inc. It provides full mHealth service on real-time transmit data basis.
YoriMed® by Yoritex Inc. solution includes:
• Set of plug-in units for medical and non-medical parameter measurements;
• Independent, self-powered data processing system.

About Yoritex Inc.

Yoritex Inc. (www.yoritex.com) is a privately held engineering research & development company located in Toronto, Canada. Its aim is to develop and manufacture mobile medical diagnostic devices. Yoritex' flagship product is the Medical Network HUB®, which is placed on the top of the medical diagnostic accessory product range by Yoritex Inc. for BlackBerry smartphones. From 2010 Yoritex Inc. is a Select Member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program.

To view the YoriMed® presentation, please visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0raQ0rmL2I

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