Roadrunner Agency Inc. Releases a Video Demo for the GBP2630 Huck® Hydraulic Tool

Bay Village, OH, December 31, 2011 --( Roadrunner Agency Inc. has recently released a video demonstration of the hydraulic rivet tool, the Huck® GBP2630. The demo includes a step by step guide on how to use the tool, starting with the installation of the nose assembly and following through with a complete list of instructions for a safe and successful setup. The video concludes with the tool fully assembled and further instruction for how to use the GBP2630.

Roadrunner Agency Inc. is a wholesale hydraulic rivet tool distributor and manufacturer sales representative for Huck® type rivets through TransDyne, the distributor. The company objective of Roadrunner Agency is to bridge the gap between the customer, manufacturer and distributor, assisting all parties to form open and direct relationships to sell and distribute high quality rivets and rivet tools to the construction and engineering field.

Roadrunner Agency Inc. was established by Gary Deel in 1996. A veteran of the railway industry, Deel set out to fulfill the needs of the trade by being able to offer wholesale rivets and rivet tools, which can be delivered to job sites at an affordable cost to the customer.

Roadrunner Agency welcomes questions and comments about the products and companies that they represent. They can be contacted directly.

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