James P. Hewitt, RN Aims to Satisfy Independent Publicity Craving of Indoor Air Quality Issues through the publication of "Sick Building Syndrome"

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has in the past, defined indoor air pollution as one of the most significant environmental threats to human health? This syndrome is relatively unknown and poorly researched. This book gives the latest information related to this syndrome

Schuyler Falls, NY, May 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Sick Building Syndrome educates the public how indoor air quality, noise pollution, lighting, and cleaning chemicals can harm your overall health and well being. Mr. Hewitt with the publication of Sick Building Syndrome educates the reader about a health niche that is poorly understood by the public at large. The causes of how a building can be considered “sick” will be explained and discussed. The prevention and some solutions for the syndrome, known as SBS, will be discussed. The ventilation issues that promote SBS will be broached. Chemical contamination, such as outdoor and indoor contaminants will be reviewed. Biological contamination caused by bacteria, viruses, and molds will be explained extensively. The book reviews methods for the prevention of SBS and offer some solutions. This will benefit you and the people who work, live, or play in the building. In the last chapter the book will explain in detail about a plan for the creation of a Team to monitor your building and any complaints regarding SBS.

James P. Hewitt, RN wrote Sick Building Syndrome to help others learn about this poorly understood syndrome that affects many people worldwide.

About the Author: The Author has led an interesting life. He has worked in a variety of fields ranging from Restaurant Management, Licensed Seaman, Educator, Journalist, and, is currently a Registered Nurse working at Elizabethtown Community Hospital, which is nestled in the Adirondack Mountains. Academically he has earned a variety of degrees, which are listed in chronological order: AAA in Mass Media, BA in Communication Arts, AAS in Nursing, and finally a MS in Health Care Administration.

Media Contact: James P. Hewitt, RN, jimhewittwriting@aol.com

Author: James P. Hewitt, RN
Book: Sick Building Syndrome

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