Patent for Anti-Ageing Pill That Improves Face and Body Appearance Approved

New York, NY, January 01, 2012 --( NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada was recently awarded United States patent number 8,029,830. The prestigious patent award now permits brands including AGEOFF® and InnerBeauty™ to market a clinically proven method and composition for promoting internal health and external appearance.

Nutrients included in the composition include naturally occurring compounds that make the skin look younger, promote a slimmer more toned body, and help reduce stress and fatigue levels. The patent also promotes the compositions ability to increase cellular DNA repair, decrease age promoting free-radical load on the body, and protect the brain from neural degeneration.

Ryan Foley, President of NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc., announced, “With the approval of this patent NuvoCare is now planning additional research to further substantiate the compositions potent ability to positively transform face and body appearance without use of invasive procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox treatment.” Foley further explained, “North America needs to change the way they approach ageing by tackling the process from within the body! This approach has been ignored for far too long and as research continues to build on our compositions ability to transform body appearance society will begin to make the AGEOFF® brand an everyday part of their life.”

United States Patent #8,029,830 entitled “Composition and method for promoting internal health and external appearance” was officially awarded t by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on October 4, 2011.

NuvoCare Health Sciences Inc.
Ryan Foley