Aventyn® Announces CLIP® v1.2 with Enhanced Integrated RFID Capability for Hospitals and Medical Suppliers

Simplifies Patient and Medical Asset Tracking, Enables Instant Return-on-Investment with Increased Patient Safety, Administrative Throughput and Inventory Visibility.

Carlsbad, CA, May 08, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Aventyn Inc., an innovative provider of healthcare connected information processing solutions, today announced its latest offering CLIP® v1.2. Built upon the successful launch of the CLIP® Clinical Information Processing Platform, this solution with integrated RFID capability allows major global hospitals and medical supply manufacturers for the first time to connect patients and related medical assets. CLIP v1.2 integrates with Microsoft’s BizTalk RFID technology to create a powerful and flexible health information management solution that enables healthcare industry partners to link care provider administrative business processes with critical supply-chain events. Aventyn is participating in the Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Technology Adoption Program (TAP) to take advantage of new RFID features in its upcoming release.

“For small to mid-market hospitals, medical labs and medical suppliers around the world, the availability of CLIP v1.2 delivers a simple and affordable integrated RFID solution that enables seamless access to connected patient-centric health information securely, anytime anywhere.” said Navin Govind, founder and chief executive officer, Aventyn. “With more CLIP v1.2 installations in progress, Aventyn’s patent pending connected health information platform delivers an interoperable and scalable solution for on-site and remote health information management for improved efficiency of healthcare delivery and quality.”

Enterprise Deployment of Connected Health Information
The availability of CLIP v1.2 provides clinicians and healthcare providers a flexible, yet affordable choice in the secure tracking of critical resources in a healthcare setting based on hospital, medical lab and supplier requirements. CLIP is available as a RFID-enabled hosted platform solution or as an installable packaged solution, seamlessly integrating into most existing IT environments with support for multiple users. A robust, ease-of-use interface offers installation, industry standard Gen2 RFID tag-reader configuration and deployment within hours. The modular CLIP architecture allows for true connected information processing for automated patient administration and medical asset tracking with built-in support for processing Gen2 RFID tagged health cards, patient wristbands and asset labels.

Connected Technology for Increased Efficiency in Healthcare Delivery
The CLIP Connected Health Card and patient wristbands tagged with Class 1 Gen2 tags provides the capability for hospital staff to reliably identify the right patient with the right health record thereby automating several manual processes with reduced errors regardless of location. Tagged asset labels attached to business critical medical equipment streamline and simplify supply chain business processes providing hospitals and suppliers a unique platform for asset location and identification so that the right information is shared across supply partners.

“Aventyn deployed CLIP commercially in the fall of 2006 and delivered a scalable web based solution for hospitals to connect and manage patient health records efficiently,” said Suresh Menon, managing director, Asia-Pacific, Aventyn (India) Pvt. Ltd. “With CLIP v1.2, Aventyn continues to deliver innovative solutions for hospitals, labs and suppliers by extending reliable access to business critical information across a range of partners significantly lowering healthcare costs.”

CLIP v1.2 delivers a standards-based solution to the healthcare industry eliminating the need for several proprietary applications. Clinicians, health care providers and IT administrators now have a simple, cost effective connected health information management solution to deploy at hospitals, medical labs and medical suppliers quickly and reliably.

Deployment Configuration
Recommended software components for reliable deployment of CLIP v1.2; Microsoft Windows Server 2003, BizTalk Server 2006 and SQL Server 2005. Server hardware platform; minimum 1.0 Gigahertz CPU with 80 Gigabytes of free hard disk storage space and color display.

Pricing and Availability
CLIP v1.2 extends upon the successful deployment and use of CLIP v1.0 for the healthcare industry. CLIP v1.2 is globally available for deployment and integration today in North and South America; Europe, Middle East and Africa, South East Asia and Australia. The CLIP v1.2 base price is US$9,695; pricing varies based on regional currencies. Certain qualified nonprofit organizations, universities and government entities are eligible for promotional pricing. Please visit www.aventyn.com to schedule deployment and integration.

About Aventyn Inc.
Aventyn is the first company to develop innovative Connected Information Processing Solutions using its unique ehealthXML™ technology for the healthcare industry. Using this technology, Aventyn develops and sells its standards based connected Clinical Information Processing Platform® solution for the Healthcare industry that is deployed at Healthcare Providers and Medical Suppliers to securely track medical assets and resources. CLIP delivers a solution to the Healthcare industry for Asset Management, Personal Health Management and a Clinical Information Knowledgebase for health and disease management. Aventyn (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aventyn Inc., USA.

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