California Law Firm Announces Purchase Ability for Divorce and Family Law Matters on the Website

Los Angeles based Law Firm Legal Action Workshop, a Professional Corporation announces purchase ability for Divorce and Family Law matters right on the website. It is highly unusual for a law firm to offer purchasable legal services online, in fact Legal Action Workshop is the only known law firm in California to offer pricing and purchase ability online.

Culver City, CA, January 07, 2012 --( Legal Action Workshop, PC ( a Divorce and Family Law firm with 4 offices in Los Angeles County, has announced the firm’s purchase ability online. People seeking legal assistance for Divorce or Family Law matters can now purchase affordable consultations and legal services with top Divorce attorneys, Family Law attorneys and Annulment attorneys from Legal Action Workshop. It is the only known law firm in California to do this.

Attorney/owner Stephen Marc Drucker states, “We have developed a standardized approach to Divorce and Family Law matters which allows us to offer low flat fees online as well as the ability to purchase these services right on the website. The prospective client simply locates the legal matter that is needed, reads the appropriate description and makes the purchase. It’s that easy!” Legal matters such as Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Paternity Actions as well as responses and change orders can be purchased this way.

Once the purchase is made, the Legal Action Workshop law firm calls the prospective client either the same day or next business day and makes a time for a confidential consultation with the attorney. The attorney gives specific legal advice to the client and details his/her legal options. The law firm then prepares the legal paperwork for filing and serves or assists with service and completes the matter if it is not contested. If the legal matter, such as Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment or Paternity Action becomes contested, the law firm still helps for additional low flat fees. Responses and change orders are completed for the flat fee listed.

Director Brenda Platt-Drucker explains, “In essence, we’ve applied the ‘Henry Ford’ method to Divorce and Family Law matters. When Ford created an assembly-line approach to the making of cars, he speeded up production and cut costs for the consumer. That’s what we’ve created in the area of Family Law.”

Document services offer low flat fees for Divorce, but they do not give attorney advice or oversight. The Legal Action Workshop law firm is owned and operated by Divorce and Family Law attorneys so that the client gets the legal advice and oversight they need. In addition, the law firm handles the processing of documents with the court. This is the most difficult part and is what document services do not do.

Legal Action Workshop is excited about their revolutionary offering. Thousands of people come to the website each month and many decide to make a purchase. Attorney Drucker explains, “It’s easy and convenient. Now the client can have their legal matters handled in the privacy of their home or office and still feel that the legal matter is handled professionally, accurately and by an experienced Divorce or Family law attorney.”

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About Legal Action Workshop

Legal Action Workshop, a professional corporation, has been practicing law for more than 30 years, and offers experienced attorneys in the areas of: Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment, Paternity Actions, Estate Planning which includes wills, trusts and powers of attorney, as well as Bankruptcy, Probate and Personal Injury. The law firm offers statewide Low Flat Fee services in California for Divorce and Family Law as well as Estate Planning and Bankruptcy. Legal Action Workshop has been hailed as a "revolutionary law firm" as they offer high quality legal services by highly qualified attorneys at Low Flat Fees. Now clients can purchase Divorce and Family Law matters, as well as wills, trust and powers of attorney on the website.

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