Media Overlooks the Spiritual Experience, Says Steve Paulson

In-depth interview with, To The Best of Our Knowledge executive producer, Steve Paulson examines his reporting on the intersection of science and religion, and his views on how the mainstream media approaches the spiritual experience.

Del Mar, CA, May 09, 2007 --( Join host Alex Tsakiris when he interviews radio producer and writer, Steve Paulson for a discussion on the intersection of science and religion within the media.

During the 30-minute interview Paulson explores the challenges of reporting on science and religion: “…going back to what I was saying about the New York Times, part of the problem is this assumption that if you’re going to deal with science and religion, you go through science to resolve that issue. While I think you have to do that to some degree, you also have to come at it from a religious angle, and you have to talk about the nature of spiritual experience.”

He also considers our deep interest in these topics: “There’s a huge hunger to understand these issues. These are some of the most basic experiences we deal with… These are the two great paradigms to live by, the scientific paradigm, or the religious paradigm. One of the big questions is are they really two separate realms, or is there some overlap.”

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Steve Paulson is executive producer of the Peabody Award winning public radio program, To The Best of Our Knowledge and a frequent contributor to

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