Jordana Paige Introduces Its Newest Product, the Crafter’s Tool Butler

Jordana Paige makes organizing easier with its newest product, the Crafter’s Tool Butler. The vegan leather case has eleven flat and accordion-style pockets to hold knitting needles, crochet hooks, scrapbooking supplies and more. With inventory charts and reusable tabs, labeling and organizing is a breeze.

Santa Cruz, CA, January 08, 2012 --( It seems like the craftier someone becomes, the more tools there are to keep track of. Whether it’s circular needles, crochet hooks, tape measures, stitch markers, darning needles or stickers, Jordana Paige makes organizing easier with its newest product, the Crafter’s Tool Butler.

The vegan leather case has six flat pockets to hold all sizes of needles, while the accordion-style zippered pockets keep your circular needles exactly where you put them. And with custom tab inserts and a needle inventory chart, you’ll always know exactly what you have. A small mesh pocket secures your darning needles, stitch markers and other small items.

This case is so compact it will fit into most of Jordana Paige’s handbags. You can carry an extensive needle collection with you everywhere. And not just knitting needles; this case is useful for all kinds of crafters: needlepoint, crochet and scrapbook, to name a few. The pockets are extremely versatile for whatever craft you love. Of course, the Crafter’s Tool Butler comes in four colors that match Jordana Paige’s elegant handbags: black onyx, eggplant purple, deep red, and bronze.

“It seems like almost every craft has small tools and pieces that need organization.” Jordana Paige said. “At first I designed this case with knitter’s and crocheter’s in mind, but it became obvious that it could be used by many crafters, from scrapbooking to needlepoint.”

As a tribute to the loyal customers Jordana Paige has had over the years, the company held a contest to let them name its newest product. The winner received the Crafter’s Tool Butler and a place in Jordana Paige history.

“Over the past few years I’ve given my handbags names that are significant to me. What could be more significant than the customer, who has kept me in business for eight years?” Jordana Paige said. “It was about time I honored them and let them name my latest accessory.”

Jordana Paige designs have been keeping your knitting organized since 2002, and the Crafter’s Tool Butler is the newest in a line of stylish handbags and accessories that have been applauded by Yarn Market News, Interweave Knits, Bust, Vogue Knitting, Verena Magazine and more.

The case is available now at Give your crafting organization an sassy makeover with Jordana Paige’s Crafter’s Tool Butler.

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