Eco System Announces Promotions

Eco company promotes from within.

Oakland, KY, January 10, 2012 --( J.M. Leek, CEO of Eco Systems, has announced new promotions within the company.

Eco Systems., is the distributor for Food Dehydration equipment that reduces food waste by 90%. "The equipment not only reduces the carbon foot print on the environment, but results in significant savings along with profit increases for customers," reported J.M. Leek, company CEO. "A typical restaurant that spends as little as $500.00 per month on refuse removal can increase their annual profits by as much as $10,000.00 with the equipment," said CEO Leek.

Mr. Leek went on to report that Chris Janowski and Patrick Helmer have been promoted to the position of Executive Vice President. Bob Parsons and Mark Cole have been promoted to Director positions. Fritz Graf is now the Vice President of West Coast Operations.

The company currently maintains offices throughout the United States including New York, Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, and Kentucky. Plans for the second quarter reflect the opening of offices in India.

Mr. Leek went on to say, "We are very excited about our product line. It is not very often that a company has the opportunity to make a contribution to society; help the environment; and assist its customers increase their profits with a single product." Mr. Leek concluded with, " It is just the first week of the new year and we are already in discussions with companies to place the unit in more than 1,100 locations nationwide. It is very exciting to see other companies that are interested in today's environment and the future of the the generations to come."

Eco Systems
Micheal Leek