New Free E-Book Teaches How to Choose Excellent Microfinance Management Software

iTrends is happy to bring to you a free eBook titled “The Essential Guide to Selecting Excellent Microfinance Management Software.” This document explains the important considerations to be taken into account when selecting microfinance solutions.

Lagos, Nigeria, January 10, 2012 --( Advances in technology, increased competition, the quest for customer satisfaction and the benefits derived from business intelligence information have heightened the need for microfinance institutions to acquire modern, cutting-edge microfinance management software that is capable of giving these institutions leverage over the competition. Whereas a majority of microfinance institutions today have one form of microfinance management software or another, many of these institutions are dissatisfied with their current solutions and are returning to the software market to shop for better solutions that will meet their needs. Understanding the technical and usability elements of excellent software is not easy, however, these concerns should be dispelled by this free eBook titled “The Essential Guide to Selecting Excellent Microfinance Management Software” which explains and demonstrates the important considerations to be taken into account when selecting microfinance solutions.

Mark Melton, the author, is a software developer whose extensive background in microfinance has enabled him to identify the critical technical and usability features microfinance practitioners should look out for in modern software solutions. Many of the key points discussed in this book are not given the due consideration they deserve during software selection; but these elements are largely responsible for the frustration and dissatisfaction many institutions are experiencing with their current solutions. For example:

· Understanding how rich client versus web applications execute user requests will help microfinance practitioners to choose solutions that will best meet their branching needs
· Not understanding the accounting models implemented by particular software will cause institutions to choose solutions that will not meet their credit management processes and loan provisioning procedures
· Understanding software pricing models will enable microfinance institutions to purchase cost-solutions with low total costs of ownership
· Understanding software architectural specifications will help institutions to avoid purchasing obsolete or bad software that do not have clear upgrade paths

Microfinance is a complicated practice that is not easy to capture and automate by software. Many microfinance management solutions today are not properly architected to support the flexibility, security and customization options required by microfinance institutions. Many of these flaws are pointed out and discussed in this book. Readers will find it easy to identify them and avoid the poor buying decisions that arise out of insufficient knowledge of these hidden deficiencies.

This book is packed with key information and real world examples. By downloading and reading it, the reader will:

· Acquire skills on how to uncover technical deficiencies in software solutions
· Craft clear user requirement specifications and guides for software selection committees
· Decipher common, often misleading jargons used by software vendors, and thus sift out desirable features from irrelevant functionalities

While there are other available guides on how to choose good microfinance management solutions, Mark’s book gives new – and deeper - insight into the technical features of excellent microfinance management software. These gems are drawn from years of experience in design, development and implementing microfinance and financial management solutions.

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