Better Than a Free Lunch: Help for Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

Free tele-seminar sponsored by Mortgage Co. assisting homeowners either facing foreclosure or those in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Free advice and information by Mortgage experts. Think you can't qualify? Think again. Amazing New Programs -

San Bernardino, CA, May 09, 2007 --( A free online tele-seminar is being sponsored and put on by a local Mortgage Company Lordsman, Inc. and Xavier Ramirez for five days. This service is free and designed to help a group of people who often need it and don't even know they have options: home owners going through chapter 13 bankruptcy. The seminar will be directed by Xavier Ramirez, a Mortgage Specialist from Lordsman Inc. a National Mortgage Broker and will be held daily starting Wed., May 9 through Wed., May 16 beginning at 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (excluding weekends). All that is needed is a phone line to listen in.

No one ever wants to imagine having to go through bankruptcy, but unfortunately this happens, often because of situations beyond a person's control. While it's hard to add the words "good news" to bankruptcy, there can still be silver lining. "Most home owners going through Chapter 13 bankruptcy don't know that there are lenders out there who will work with them. We want to help them out and avoid forclosure," says Ramirez.

Chapter 13 bankruptcies give the borrower a chance to use a structured legal plan to pay off the debts, usually with a bonus such as no interest. While this is still bankruptcy, it gives the borrowers in debt a chance to pay of those debts without losing their homes. In these situations there are certain lenders who are willing to work with those people to speed up the process and help them out.

The free tele-seminar will be shown online at and can be attended through conference call or watched online via pod cast. A 24-hr free-recorded information hotline at 1-877-622-3352 (ext. 140) is available for those who would like to speak to someone immediately.

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