Bluestar Developed Compatibilizer That Improves the Strength of PPE Alloys

Beijing, China, January 11, 2012 --( The compound R&D department of Bluestar in Nantong has developed a new additive for Glass filled PPE blends that has a very significant improvement on properties like tensile and flexural strength. Small additions improve several strength properties by 25 percent. The composition of the new material is confidential but the material is commercially available for sale. The material is expected to work on various PPE blends but also other materials like glass filled styrenic resins and blends.

Other properties like notched and un-notched izod impact strength are improved, which can open a much wider application space. Customers can design their parts thinner and have the same mechanical performance. A full technical report has been published on this topic recently.

Glass-filled PPE compounds are sold into various segments like fluid handling applications, but also in the automotive and consumer markets.

Bluestar is quite late to the PPE resin market, but are the sole producer of PPE resin in China. The PPE resin plant is based in Ruicheng, Shanxi province. The compounded products are produced in Nantong and there the additive was invented. Li Haitao, recently appointed global product manager, says, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve our portfolio. With this product the performance of our glass filled products are enhanced. Many more improvements and new products will be launched over the coming years.”

Bluestar Engineering Plastics is a division of the Bluestar group and produces thermoplastic, thermoset products and raw materials serving these industries globally.

China National Bluestar (Group) Co, Ltd.
Emily Yang