An Open Mouth Requires an Open Mind and Open Heart - Releases Research on Self-Disclosure

Queendom's study on self-disclosure reveals that self-closing our thoughts and feelings to others takes a great deal of trust - in ourselves and in others.

Montreal, Canada, January 11, 2012 --(, a pioneer in online personality, career, and IQ assessments, is spilling the beans on results of their self-disclosure research. Their findings reveal that people who are willing to open up to others need to put a lot on the line. It requires a great deal of trust and a willingness to put our hearts and ego at risk.

In an effort to uncover who we're likely to self-disclose to and the traits that differentiate those of us who spill the beans and those who don't, released two self-disclosure tests - one that assesses general self-disclosure with family, friends, and even strangers, and one that evaluates self-disclosure in intimate relationships. Their analyses indicate that people are more likely to self-disclosure their thoughts and feelings with their partner, and more likely to keep tight-lipped with - obviously - strangers.

Gender comparisons indicate that women are more comfortable opening up to their family (score of 50 for women, 46 for men, on a scale from 0 to 100) and to their partner (68 for women, 65 for men), and are much more comfortable than men being vulnerable in general (71 vs. 64). Age differences reveal that older age groups feel more at ease than younger age groups opening to family (52 vs. 46), partners (68 vs.63), and even friends (55 vs. 50).

"Self-disclosure is understandably difficult, because we put a great deal on the line when we do so," explains Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of the company. "Our research reveals that opening up our mouths requires us to be both open-minded and open-hearted because there's always a degree of risk involved. We expose ourselves fully - our fears, our faults, our feelings - so there is an immense amount of vulnerability involved. This means that those of us who choose to self-disclose to loved ones not only need to be able to trust others, but we also have to be comfortable putting our heart and ego on the line, because there is always the potential that what we reveal will result in conflict, criticism, and even total rejection. It's no wonder that so many of us wait months and years before we open up to someone - if at all."

Besides trust and a comfort with vulnerability, rejection, and conflict, people who self-disclose are also more likely to have high self-esteem, to be very assertive and, perhaps not surprisingly, to be close to the people they open up to. In addition, Queendom's data reveals that those who are low on self-disclosure are much less likely to be satisfied with their relationships. So all those cheesy romance novels and heartfelt family flics where people express their feelings to each other are actually onto something.

But like all good things, is moderation best, even with self-disclosure? "It all depends," surmises Dr. Jerabek. "Self-disclosure does have its benefits in that it creates closeness and builds trust, but it might not be for everyone. Some couples, friends and families feel it's best to leave certain things unsaid, and that's probably true in certain circumstances - not that we're condoning lies. In the end, self-disclosing is a delicate dance between two people. Both need to be open to it in order for it to provide any benefit to the relationship."

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