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Milton, KY, May 09, 2007 --( New internet business launched in Mid January is moving up the ranks, just attaining a Google page rank of 1 and an Alexa ranking of 430,979 which continues to move to the top.

The goal of this online business: is to help alleviate the pain and stress of everyday. This is accomplished by the use of hot cold therapy.

The whole idea of pain relief packs is something that has been around for a while. Many of you probably know them as rice packs, although these are made with herbs rather than rice. They have a soothing aromatic smell which provides aromatherapy with a blend of 12 herbs.

Pain Relief Packs provides a variety of herbal packs, all of which may be used as either hot or cold packs. These herbal wraps come in a variety of colors and styles. Therapeutic herbal packs may be used to reduce shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow/knee pain, back pain, just to name a few.

President, Teresa Jewell, stated, "Our herbal wraps provide relief for everyday aches and pains associated with overworked muscles. We also have herbal pacs that assist in alleviating headache pain, menstrual cramps as well as relief from hot flashes." Jewell goes on to state that "we also have herbal packs for kids. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy!"

Heat wraps are great to reduce the effects of arthritis as well. Any of our wraps may be used for either hot or cold therapy. Simply place them in the microwave for a couple of minutes for a hot pack or in the refrigerator for a cold pack.

A representative from another online internet business:, has this to say about Pain Relief "This is a beautiful way to relax and let your pain melt away. These products are comforting and delightful to use even if you are not in pain. Aromatherapy with natural herbs and essences is greatly underestimated and underused in my opinion. This site is really well organized and easy to navigate with beautiful pictures of the herbal plants used. An outstanding product which will appeal to all ages. I've added this to my favourites to pass on to several people who will love to have one (or more) of these. All the best. elga."

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Pain Relief Packs
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