Study Finds the Top Six Reasons Why Marketing Automation Fails

Most companies use marketing automation in order to generate leads or to build a relationship with prospects or customer retention. However marketing automation fails to succeed.

London, United Kingdom, January 12, 2012 --( Engago Technologies Ltd. has investigated and found the top reasons why your marketing automation fails and how to remedy.

The six reasons of marketing automation failure:

1. Decay of email databases
The email addresses in the marketing database of any company have an average expiry rate of 25% each year. In certain industries, like information technology the number is higher, in other more conservative sectors it is lower. After three years about 60% of your marketing database is invalid.

2. Spam and overload
The ineffectiveness of emails is due to the amount of spam and the overload of email messages. If the marketing mail doesn’t get filtered out by the spam filter then it is likely it will not get read.

3. Timing is wrong
The timing is crucial as people will only read an email if it concerns their current interest or need. There is no indication when the sending of an email campaign is timely.

4. Proposition
How likely is it to propose the exact product that is required or has a need? Proposing all of the products of a company is ineffective and just promoting one is likely not to be the demanded product.

5. Unreadable
The use of images and html instead of plain text results in unreadable emails. Most email clients hold back images. Why should the reader click if he can’t read the message in his preview pane? It is likely he will delete the message instantly.

6. Buying decisions change
Due to the search engines people and decision makers are able and even prefer to search themselves for solutions and products in order to solve their problems and issues or to improve their productivity.

LEADSExplorer addresses these failures by allowing sending emails or cold calling timely proposing the required product or solution to companies that are interested as this web service reveals the companies visiting the website, identifying the required product and the level of interest in that product.

More information on the LEADSExplorer websute.

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