Mompreneur Inventor Launches Two New Products and Urges Women to "Clean Up" Their Health and Lingerie Drawers in 2012

Dr. Sandy Trexler is a 50 year old mother of three and has just launched two unrelated and innovative products that can help women (and men) of all ages.

Bentonville, AR, January 19, 2012 --( "True beauty comes from the inside out," says Sandy Trexler, EdD.

Dr. Sandy Trexler is a 50 year old mother of three who believes that women of all ages need to do a better job of “cleaning up” their homes and their bodies throughout their lives. An author (“Bye Bye Baby Fat”) and nutritional consultant, she just launched two unrelated and innovative products that can help women (and men) of all ages. Most women today are juggling careers, family, and household duties and Dr. Trexler has come up with two ways to simplify and self-treat.

Fountain of Youth (FOY) ( is a system of pre-packaged and all-natural nutritional supplements that work wonders for people of all ages. “My clients, my kids, my fiance and even my own 83-year old mother have seen dramatic improvements in health, focus, energy level and sleep quality after taking FOY,” says Trexler, whose other FOY case studies include a multi-millionaire business owner, an engineering student, and a high school basketball star. Trexler continues, “I never set out to develop a nutritional supplement. Instead, I did so after using a combination of ingredients with my nutritional clients and fine-tuning this combination over the last 15 years." The supplements, which cost about $130/month can save individuals hundreds of dollars and trial-and-error of other solutions. Plus, all family members can take the same combination (which comes in easy-to-pack bags), saving time and confusion. Dr. Trexler estimates that consumers would need to buy 30 separate vitamins to equal the impact of FOY.

Dr. Trexler’s other invention will not prolong life, but it will also save time and frustration and make people smile. Thong Thang ( is a cleverly designed lingerie hanging rack that solves the age-old problem of the messy underwear drawer and cluttered laundry room. “I invented this product to make sure that when I invested in great underthings, my ‘unmentionables’ were well cared for. The rack can hang directly in a closet too, which means when you’re getting dressed-up for a special night or important meeting, you can easily find that perfect undergarment without digging through your collection.” Women own an average of 21 pairs of underwear and most of them keep them bunched up in their dresser drawers, according to this study, which also shows that the right pair of underwear can affect mood.

Only 20% of inventors are women, but necessity is often (literally) the mother of invention ( Dr. Trexler used her own family and personal experiences to transform the way other women like her live today.

About Sandy Trexler, Ed.D

As the Special Projects Coordinator for the internationally renowned Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Sandy Trexler trained wellness leaders, health educators and aerobics instructors. She has worked as a consultant to various organizations including the Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service, and Public School Teachers. As an instructor at Texas Christian University, The University of North Texas and The University of Arkansas, Dr. Trexler taught classes such as health education, stress management and nutrition.

Dr. Trexler is the author of Bye-Bye Babyfat, and has appeared on a wide spectrum of media including the Today Show with Katie Couric and in USA Today. She was also a production assistant and reporter for the award-winning WFAA-TV News in Dallas. Dr. Trexler also ran a weight loss and wellness clinic—True Weight Loss and continues to work with individual clients and groups on a wide range of health goals.

Currently, Dr. Trexler serves as President and co-founder of STAR Wellness, a company which helps individuals and groups incorporate daily behaviors that reduce health risk and enhance quality of life.

After graduating with a BA in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington, she received her Master of Science in Exercise Science from the University of North Texas in Denton and her Doctor of Education in Health Education from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She lives in Bentonville Arkansas with her three children.

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