Blue River Marketing Announces a New Service They are Offering, Trade Shows

Blue River Marketing is proud to offer a new feature to their already growing list of services.

Boynton Beach, FL, May 10, 2007 --( With a growing number of businesses attending trade shows each year, there is a surfacing need to stand out from the competition.

Trade shows are satellite offices and with the right presentation you have a chance to make new contacts, meet with new prospects, and present your products and services to an audience that might not normally see your business. There are many factors that determine the success of your trade show such as graphic designs, color psychology, foot traffic patterns, lighting, and even follow-up. For example, did you know that by contacting key prospects immediately after a show with letters, calls and brochures you increase your chances of sales by 63%?

“The main idea for your trade show exhibit should be giving them a genuine reason to come,” says Gerald Landolfi, director of sales at Blue River Marketing. “You can use key chains and pens but the only people you are going to attract are kleptomaniacs, not the targeted market who truly want what you have to offer. People want to know only one thing, how are they going to benefit from choosing you over the competition.”

“It’s been reported that around 90% of exhibitors are unsuccessful,” continues Mr. Landolfi. “The main reason is due to the amount of time they spend on talking about how great they are. Now the other 10% that always seem to succeed, that happens because they tend to focus on two things, the reason why they are there and customer’s benefits.”

After spending years in trade shows with leading Fortune 500 companies such as Sherwin-Williams, Gerald has learned the secrets on how to develop a winning exhibition using simple changes that can lead to powerful outcomes. Gerald is the direct or sales at Blue River Marketing, a marketing agency that’s geared in helping others achieve success.

As stated, Blue River’s goal is to help others achieve success by capturing your targeted market and giving them that “must have” experience. Their services include strategic brand development, research and benchmarking, as well as a host of communication and social marketing services. Visit Blue River Marketing online at

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