Attention Talk Radio Presents "Separating ADD Issues from ADDers Living in a Non-ADD World" with Guest Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, January 25, 2012

Attention Talk Radio host Jeff Copper interviews Dr. Kevin Ross Emery on his beliefs, his book, and his concept around the love affair between ADHD and depression. As an ADHD innovator and catalyst, Dr. Kevin sees managing ADHD as an evolutionary process that should be allowed to adjust the environment and work with it, not medicate it. He further sees the need to separate ADHD issues from issues of an ADHD person living in a non-ADHD environment.

Tampa, FL, January 17, 2012 --( Attention Talk Radio presents “Separating ADD Issues from ADDers Living in a Non-ADD World” with Dr. Kevin Ross Emery, ADHD innovator and catalyst. Host Jeff Copper interviews Dr. Kevin around his personal experience with ADHD and his work toward understanding the ADHD gift. He shares his insight around his beliefs, his groundbreaking book, and the love affair between ADHD and depression.

Throughout his career Dr. Kevin has learned a great deal from his personal experience with ADHD, and he works on many fronts to expand the understanding of this gift and has years of experience finding solutions. He has led children and parent groups to better understand and self-manage their ADHD gifts and has taught continuing education courses for teachers and counselors. He has also worked with adults in areas of their personal and professional life to help them make the best of their potential. Through Managing the Gift business consulting, he and his team also specialize in helping ADHD business owners and key personnel achieve their professional potential.

His groundbreaking book, “Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder,” introduced the idea of ADHD as an evolutionary process, not a disability. Dr. Kevin continues to spread his message around the world as an author, catalyst, teacher, and speaker. Dr. Kevin has also created daily practices that can help both children and adults to manage their ADHD gifts, which he has released as an audio CD companion to his original trend-setting book. Dr. Kevin currently maintains a practice in Haverhill, Massachusetts, and his new book, “Managing the Gift of Your ADD/HD Child,” was released in September 2011. More about Dr. Kevin is available at

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